Huawei Watch GT 2 arriving on September 19

07 September 2019
It will be powered by the freshly announced Kirin A1 chip.

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  • Anonymous

Andra, 09 Sep 2019The bad idea is to spend money on smart watches. Smart watc... moreThat's how commerce works. No a single business would sells you a good that could last forever without recharges or subscriptions.

  • Andra

The bad idea is to spend money on smart watches. Smart watches are waste watches, we can't use 10 years. These f*cking companies releasing gadgets at high price with nominal features which most of the people doesn't use. They don't have confident on their products, so releasing new features every min/day/week etc. Why don't they release one product in a year with all features that no can beat those. It's all scam, business, ruining people's money by false promise.

  • 124C4+1

Battery life is too slow to improve, they should integrate solar or kinetic power.

Sp, 08 Sep 2019What is the priceProbably enough to buy a decent to good phone

Of the best looking watches after Gear S3 hopefully gsmarena will review this one

  • Sp

What is the price