MeeGo 1.2 update for Nokia N9 goes live

27 February, 2012
It adds video calling support, folders in the launcher and several other features.

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  • Nomad

i got a notification yesterday and updated the device b4 i went to sleep and now the UI is much better, the cam got new features and the notification of the standby screen were modified but i didnt learn yet how to make video calls

  • n9username

Try update from pc , for those haven't get any notification yet. I am in singapore and update successfully via pc. The file size is 1.2 GB downloadable via nokia software updater.
The UI after update is a bit smooth, but still we can't see any option for video call.

  • Anonymous

Available last night in Australia :)

  • blefuscu

the new folder function is more than welcome. works fine and crisp, although i didn't test the videochat yet.
no apps crashed yet, but the system is more eager to classify slow apps as "not responding".

  • Moi

thammy, 29 Feb 2012No update movement so far in Thailand... stil waiting :!None in Sweden either. Why not wait with the update until available on all markets?!

  • Moi

AnonD-44024, 29 Feb 2012I just downloaded the new update and it made my phone so slow an... moreHave you restarted? If that doesn't work try reinstalling apps one by one to see which one causes issues.

  • AnonD-44024

I just downloaded the new update and it made my phone so slow and keeps on hanging?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-44024, 29 Feb 2012hello Im living in Malaysia and until today i cant see any updat... moreJust got mine for Malaysia downloading...

  • mian

sucessfully update hongkong

  • AnonD-7546

gsmarena should post something about why the update didn't bring video call even though nokia mentioned it in the update log and why there is no whatsapp for the nokia n9 even though many links said that it outsold the lumia

  • Jay

AnonD-44024, 29 Feb 2012ur right we badly need whatsapp on N9..Don't worry whatsapp will here for Meego, not official but ported!

  • n9 owner

canada just got the update

  • AnonD-44024

Mustafa, 29 Feb 2012Is Whatsapp available for N9 now.....I really love this device s... moreur right we badly need whatsapp on N9..

  • AnonD-44024

hello Im living in Malaysia and until today i cant see any update is available... does anyone know when will be available this update in Malaysia?

  • addi

Still not available in UAE....
But when it will be?

  • Rye

I think after the update the phone seems to be lagging but after a while it seems to be much smoother.

Also I noticed that the Calendar icon displays the current day by default. No need to tweak or install an app to make this work.

  • thammy

Wowwww!!! new and refresh PR1.2 now hit to Thailand :D

  • Rye

I think update for the users in the Philippines is now rolling out...

  • Nomz

FM radio software is available on
1st install fmrx and the FM radio receiver.­r-nokia-n9-meego.html­er-001-nokia-n9-meego.html

  • toot

currently updating here in the Philippines!