Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 to have a 90Hz display and 40W charging support

09 September 2019
A pop-up front-facing camera is also on the menu.

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Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019Simple, 90hz doesn't justify most usage. Some consumer can't eve... moreDid you tried it? Because I did and I have a 90Hz enabled phone and can instantly see that there is a difference whenever I use a standard 60Hz display. I rather sacrifice resolution from QHD+ to FHD+ instead of the refresh rate. I have a OnePlus 7 Pro and I use the phone in auto switch for resolution and 90Hz always. The only times it uses QHD+ instead of FullHD+ is when I watch video content on youtube or netflix.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019Until they make a Mi Mix Compact, this is really uninteresting.The Mi Mix line became compact starting from the Mi Mix 2, so they already are compact.

Only the original Mi Mix is of proper size.

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Kevin T, 09 Sep 2019I 90hz should be basic across all flagships Still can never und... moreSimple, 90hz doesn't justify most usage. Some consumer can't even tell, and you get worse battery life out of it.

  • AnonD-706668

a simple dude, 09 Sep 2019Stop acting like youÂ’re a huge photographer just use the flash.... moreHuh !

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019Price need to be less than Asus ROG phone 2 or it's not worth it.They are not aiming for the same customers, not in product design and not in price either, as the ROG-line is more than 60% the price of the Mi Mix-line

Asus ROG are gaming flagships.

Xiaomi Mi Mix are design flagships.

Hence the ROG typically has very gamer device look, which I'm sure is very appealing to young gamers who want it to show that they are gamers. Big forehead and chin housing front facing speakers is a good choice for this type of customer.

The Mi Mix line on the other hand has a much cleaner design and all-screen front.
Housing the same chipset as the ROG phones, it's still capable for those who wish to game, just not for those wanting to game the most demanding titles on their phone for very many hours throughout the day due to it's smaller battery.

I hope this is the one with under screen selfie camera.

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Price need to be less than Asus ROG phone 2 or it's not worth it.

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impartial, 09 Sep 2019I'm waiting for a Sony fanboy to say that Sony phones have 120Hz... morewell it aint wrong, the panel supported 120hz refresh rate although they dont use and advertise that for some reason

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Kevin T, 10 Sep 2019note is $1200 phone you can't justify a inferior screen on noteI am saying 60Hz is cheaper than 90Hz of same quality.

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Anonymous, 09 Sep 2019So we need better battery tehnology. 90 Hz îs a worth feat... moreSony and Sharp have used 120Hz since 2016.

Other use 60 because they want to.

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No sd slot.
Mono speaker.
Only 1080p
No ip rating.
No 4K HDR video
No ToF
No gorilla 6

That is why is cheap.

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Until they make a Mi Mix Compact, this is really uninteresting.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2019Xiaomi sells mi mix 2 in India through official websitemix 2 is outdated completely
where is even , mix 3?

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2019same reason of apple, motorola, lg, huawei and vivo .. cheaper screennote is $1200 phone
you can't justify a inferior screen on note

  • Asr

i will say it over and over again... the 90/120 hz is just a gimmick.

The phones that have such displays have optimized Launchers which support said refresh rates, aside from the Launcher and some propietary apps, almost all the "third party" apps dont support this refresh rates and they fall back to the standar 60 Hz.

it's just like on TV where the 120/240hz refresh rates are mostly found only on blu-ray discs or very selected shows, most of the content is still being displayed at 60Hz, TV's has these features since more than 5 years, and content is not catching up, so dont expect a Phone with these refresh rates to have any better app support for 90/120 hz.

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Anonymous, 09 Sep 2019Anyone can guess the price in usd? will it be more than $500?If it's pretty much suicide to enter US market then why even calculate the price in dollars ? After what USA made to Huawei i dont think anyone from China really want to enter that market and get problems after problems after problems

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Anonymous, 09 Sep 2019https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/samsung-gra... moreWon't come soon

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Anonymous, 09 Sep 2019https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/samsung-gra... moreGraphene is a pipe dream

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IpsDisplay, 09 Sep 2019Man flagships really love the concept of " increase your income,... morehttps://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider­.com/samsung-graphene-battery-tech-super-fast-ch­arging-2019-8

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I hope it will have USB 3 with HDMI out over USB-C for Android 10 Desktop Mode