Xiaomi Mi Band 4 arriving in India on September 17

10 September 2019
It sports a 0.95" color AMOLED display and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

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  • Triparadox

Unfortunately no. Global version does not come with NFC. Even if you buy the Chinese version that has one, it does not support payment other than AliPay. Pretty much useless unless you live in China.

  • Forhad

using it for last 40/45 days here in bangladesh...and now its being launched in india...!! lol :3
i think xiaomi forgets it's 2nd home india xd

  • Sahan

I bought it......

  • Sahan

I bought it......

Mark, 10 Sep 2019I might buy thisGet it ..............

Mark, 10 Sep 2019I might buy thisI recommend this.
If India get NFC as well then it is brilliant.

I bought the CN version for around $24 ... it has Chinese & English language support.
As my phone's locale is English, it automatically selected English for me.

  • Trooper

Moan, moan, moan. There's always something to complain about...

  • Mark

I might buy this

"The Mi Band 4 has a built-in microphone and supports NFC too."

Oh please! Those are Chinese specific features and are unlikely to make it to the Indian variant either. So, don't say that unless they announce so.