Apple iPhone 11 adds a new chipset and ultrawide camera

10 September 2019
The cheapest new iPhone packs quite a few updates.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019Interesting how they avoid the low LCD resolution, the amaz... moreYep, a lot of flaws they avoid mention. At $700 a price you can buy a S10 you still get from Apple a 5W charger, a low resolution LCD display and underwelming cameras with only 120 fps slow motion, slow Lightning port, etc.

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Boldpixel, 10 Sep 2019At that price ...this is now the best option, especially th... moreNot really even samsung has s10 with ip68 at that price

  • Carlos


  • Anonymous

Baykko, 10 Sep 2019The camera hardware is definitely underwhelming and I don't... moreThey're not saying it's budget though. The obvious budget options are the XR for $100 less and 8 for $250 less.

  • Plus

For the first ever time, there isn't a storage variant void between two variants. Finally, 64 GB to 128 GB to 256 GB!

The camera hardware is definitely underwhelming and I don't see any mention of the screen of the phone and the pixel density or the refresh rate.

Apple thinks that for $700 you got to purchase a budget phone.within the Apple world.

  • toastyman

I like all the pretty names apple use to disguise the fact that they have nothing new to offer, at least the price isn't that bad

$200 cut would have made more sense!!!

$50 cheaper than its predecessor at launch? That's so not Apple-like thing to do. They realised the success of iPhone XR and are taking advantage of it. Good move, Apple.

  • Anonymous

Interesting how they avoid the low LCD resolution, the amazing 5W charger, the invisible USB-C that ended in the old Lightning And WoW... 120 Slow motion at the price of a flagship XDDD

At that price ...this is now the best option, especially the water and dust resistance.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019Samsung has much better phones with better specs at the fra... moreThere are other brands which are way better than the A series for the price such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus. The A80 costs almost same as the 7 Pro, even the S10e and there is no competition there. Samsung's S and Note series are best for value.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019While samsung is busy increasing the prices and removing featuresNext year Sammy will follow suit

is the screen lcd or oled?

  • Zahid

Time to buy an iPhone. Good specs, Inclusion of the second camera as ultra-wide, New chipset.....all of these for less money than the predecessor.

That screen resolution on a 700$ LCD-phone in 2019 is just sad...

  • ethomaz

Solid announced... really looking good for Apple users this year but I was more impressed with the smaller one Pro.

  • Vox

Nothing new,same design,and biggest notch in smarthones
Some few options added,and 1 hour in battery life 😂
I expected more from Apple,they are not anymore innovative company as they used to be

  • Marty

So they have put a new camera in and reduced the price slightly, so its just stupidly overpriced, not insanely overpriced.