iPhone XR and iPhone 8 get price cuts, remain available

10 September 2019
This is the second price cut for the iPhone 8. Also, if you have an older iPhone to trade in, Apple will reduce the prices even further.

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  • AnonD-731363
  • n$p
  • 13 Sep 2019

Half year old Samsung phones like S10 cost half price.
Apple 2 years old phones are only 50 eur cheaper.
Why??? Because apple set this price this way.
If Xiaomi redmi K20 for example after 2 years will still sells for 350 euros it will be because xiaomi wants it this way.
Same goes for every android phone.
Apple is no special just much more greedy than any other competitor.
Everybody knows its nothing more and nothing less just a china made phone with china build quality.

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    • Cheapy
    • mng
    • 11 Sep 2019

    Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Which "best new android" costs just $450?Try Xiaomi Mi 9, and you got the pricepoint....

      Pathetic to watch all those price cuts of old models i mean k20 pro is like lightyears ahead of iphone 8 and cost like 30% cheaper :D

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        • Anonymous
        • Y7u
        • 11 Sep 2019

        LOL you Apple and iPhone haters are a dedicated bunch. Why can't you developing world folks just enjoy your cheap and laggy Chinese smartphones, like ad-riddled Zaome, and stop being openly jealous of iPhone users? Apple lowering prices like this is a very rare thing. If you like iOS, which I don't at all, or are stuck in their closed ecosystem, and you don't give a damn about the hardware/model, then this is good news for you.

          whos going to buy a priced iPhone 8 which is so 90's

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            • 11 Sep 2019

            Alex 94, 10 Sep 2019iPhone 8 is "just" 450$. Lol, when 2 years smartphone cost ... moreYeah, true, but would lag after a couple of years.

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              • 847
              • 11 Sep 2019

              It'll sell better than the new ones, and even better in 2020, as Apple customers doesn't care about hardware, the majority even unknown what phone they have, they only want the cheaper with Apple logo even if it's a crap one for its price. If you add how ugly the new ones are, this old ones will be their best sellers again.

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                • 81X
                • 11 Sep 2019

                Alex 94, 10 Sep 2019iPhone 8 is "just" 450$. Lol, when 2 years smartphone cost ... moreWhich "best new android" costs just $450?

                  Still 700 euro here in Europe for the XR, what a joke. If it was 450 euro I'd say a good deal. When it launched here it was 950 euro. Insane.

                    Why Series 4 got discontinued?

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                      • vinay
                      • XQd
                      • 10 Sep 2019

                      so xs and xs max discontinued?

                        iPhone 8 is "just" 450$. Lol, when 2 years smartphone cost like best new Android.