Google's Pixel event may be on October 15, Pixel 4 XL chipset and display confirmed

11 September 2019
A leaked image shows an intriguing date on a Pixel 4's screen, while another one gives us some details about the 4 XL.

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SD855 doesnt makes this phone like a real flagship.
One more year update of OS also dont make this phone beter.
When comes to pricing redmi K20 pro cost maybe 30%n of price of this device and does same tricks.

  • Shinji

NOT having a wide angle is once again the reason I am avoiding a pixel.

  • Islam

I don't like iOS. It has lots of barriers which I don't like. I am using Nexus 6 which is a pretty good and unique phone to me yet. I am going to buy a Pixel 4. I don't like big phone aswell metal body. Due to metal body phone drops lots. I like the plastic body which is very easy to use in one hand.

no reason at all to upgrade once more. Ill stick with my 2XL.

Pixel you are disappointing me, your last generation design is still fine but this time the camera setup is ugly, you should adopt a straight or horizontal line arrangement and the sensors should unified with cameras don't makes it to the second line! A block (dice) design looks bulky and looks like a big spot on the back cover.

Whackcar, 11 Sep 2019Don't expect to see a fingerprint sensor anywhere, as it looks l... moreGoogle invented face unlock in2014 , Apple made it more secure in 2017.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Copy Apple. What a shame. Who's copies Apple? Hwawei had this design since 2018. Learn something­­

  • Anonymous

Fat chin and forehead, FaceID instead of fingerprint sensor, I'll pass

  • Anonymous

Google: We make the ugliest phones
Apple: Hold my beer

  • .alpha

Looks like the Pixel 2 XL I had. Android really loves to embrace the past

  • Anonymous

wow, google defo needs new designers. Why picking the most ugly parts of any phone out there? Sony forehead, Xiaomi lip, iphone camera bump and logo arrangement. Sure the cameras will not stand out, but will the software firing them - Im not willing to pay 750-1000$ for a good camera software in an ugly phones are sadly just like iphones - and if I wanted that...I would buy an iphone ;)

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 11 Sep 2019Android 10 is awful. Check out my comment for it in the Pixel 3 ... moreAt least aplle gives you the greatest mobile OS the iOS

Shitxwl just repackage 8 month old SD 855 run of the mill processor and shitty 12 MP cam and call it a day and sell it for a price if iPhone

No way lol Pixel 4 is DOA

Android 10 is awful. Check out my comment for it in the Pixel 3 section. Had to go back to my LG G5 because Android 10 basically made my Pixel 3 unworkable. The irony that an LG has to be the reliable one.

I keep saying "Pixel 4 life"... Perhaps never again unless Google fixes these issues soon. I may end up buying a Nokia (HMD) for now on. I just hate the size of these current phones. The smaller Pixel 3 is the max size I would go for an Android.

I would make the Galaxy 10e an option, but I hate glass backs especially ones that aren't matte like the Pixel 3 and iPhone 11 Pro. I generally hate iOS and I can't stand the back of the Pixel 4 isn't matte like last year.

Folks should wait on the Pixel 4a. I think the 4 will be a flop like the 3 is. Then Pixel a-series will be Google's bread and butter thanks to its Nexus 4 and 5-like prices. I don't see the flagship Pixel lasting beyond 7 generations like the Nexus line did.

The key here is really price. People will spend $400 but not double that. The 4a might also have a plastic back which I prefer and a headphone jack. This is where the cheaper version ends up generally the smarter purchase over their flagships.

I really have no excitement for the Pixel 4 no different than the iPhone 11. Same ol', same ol'...

I don't know about you but this camera is very disturbing to look at...Same as that of apple citymusichq

Design wise, the only thing its shares with Apples non-changing design is the camera, at least it differentiates with the black square rather than the lenses sticking out of the frame. Hope it comes out earlier than the 15th, If it is that date then hope the wait from announcement to sale isn't long especially in the UK as last year we had to wait until November 2nd!

  • pool

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Please copy meizu 16s pro designno thanks

Oh, mine. 6.23 - a downgrade. It is probably the same size. It is 6.3 inches not considering the rounded corners of the display. 6.23 real. It is measured just like on any other's flagships.

  • DS9

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Copy Apple. What a shame. Apple copied Huawei. What a shame.

  • Anonymous

The Apple's humpback brothers with a humongous forehead. Maybe they'll sell the Pixel 4 to you as the huge super mega 2800 mAh battery that is not what it seems XD

  • sumdumguy

The most important thing about the Pixels, the decision maker for my buy or no-buy, still hasn't leaked. Is it going to have a 5G modem?