Motorola One Macro passes through Geekbench, live image surfaces

11 September 2019
It recently got certified by Thailand's NBTC, so we are expecting an official announcement soon.

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And they all look the same
I hope Motorola is not about to launch a phone centered around a macro camera

What nonsense is Motorola upto, launch one single phone with all lenses and sell it at competitive price.ita simple why making complicated.

  • Anonymous

Lenovorola Macro, Micro, Hybrid Zoom, Maxi, One one one... The "premium brand" of mid-low range phones! Pay premium, get a mediocre thing ^^

  • ZloiYuri

Zoom, Macro, Bokeh, Ultrawide, Telescope, X-Ray, Infrared, FIsheye are present and future names of Lenovo (aka Moto) phones

  • sanju

helio p60 is good but 2gb ram sucks...