Alleged iPhone 11 Pro shows up on Geekbench with 4GB of RAM

11 September 2019
The device scored a whopping 5,472 single-core and 13,769 multi-core, crushing its competition.

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Hello Life, 17 Sep 2019Most of them are personal issues. Design, headphone jack, 5G. I ... moreRegardless of how you personally feel they made factual points of lacking technology and design for charging the premium they are.

DanishBeacon, 17 Sep 2019That's simple. 1. Battery life. After 6-8 months an iPhone can'... moreMost of them are personal issues. Design, headphone jack, 5G. I stay here in India, and massive 5g launch will take another 3 years to complete. Even so, the Wifi and 4G here is blazing fast. It may be bothersome for many I understand but I don't understand why.. 5G is still in test process and Apple never sells half baked products. Now headphone jack and design are personal because, the world has moved to wireless. Design is totally personal. I love what Apple is doing here. Retaining the same design for 3 -4 years has advantages, the older models don't feel outdated. Before note 9, I had iphone 6s plus. It ran for 4 straight years without any kind of issue. On the 3rd year they even gave a very low battery replacement deal, which I didnt opt, and my phone easily used to last 1 day. I won't lie, I had to charge regularly. 2 times charging is clearly overrated.

Hello Life, 16 Sep 2019Anyway.. I cant be that indecent to leave without a proper reply... moreThat's simple.
1. Battery life. After 6-8 months an iPhone can't last a whole day without an extra charge. Perhaps with exception of Xr due to low screen resolution.
2. Connectivity. As long as Cupertino headquarters are sticking to their Intel modems I can see no reason to spend more money to inferior technology.
3.Lack of excitement in designing their products.
Let's face it. Iphones today look old and outdated before they hit the market. 11 is no exception. Besides, Apple has made it a habit to "remove" features from their devices and stil call this a new"feature".
4. No 5G options. Even if I don't care about 5G personally you can not expect to charge premium prices for your devices while being amost 2 years behind the competition. On that note I could mention the existing notch on 11, missing underscreen touch id, removal of 3d touch, headphone jack etc.

An apple user will be proud to say he uses an iPhone 11! If someone askmeoffers i will sell off my 10 series in half to get this one ;P

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Hello Life, 16 Sep 2019Whatever it might be.. it has got nothing do with you. We ere ha... moreAnd now you further sidetrack with scapegoating. Theres no way someone with your lack of knowledge has been here 15 years

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Oh im going to comment in a public place but then complain that ... moreAnyway.. I cant be that indecent to leave without a proper reply... without being an ignorant try to ready this comment properly. i use an android phone (galaxy note 9) and an ipad(ipad pro 12.9 2nd gen) as my daily driver.. With my ipad i have never felt that ios is lacking in some features that my phone has. Sure android has some nifty extra features but they are mostly gimmicks and not what you use as a daily thing (some people use them, but 99% of the time ios has some alternative to that), but thats the same for ios as well. There are many great exclusive apps for ios which are not available for android. Even some apps which are common to both, run much better with ios. Even illustrating on autodesk sketchbook feels much much better on ipad with apple pencil than with spen with note 9. Not due to size, but simply because the developers optimised it better. But the guy with whom i was conversing before said, there are some important features which are not available on ios.. so i told him, I don’t know of any such thing as i use both the os in regular basis.. so i asked him to enlighten me with any such feature. I still insist that no such extra feature exists. Now that you have forced yourself in our talk, (public forum excuse).. you tell me about the importance exclusive feature in android which is that important to choose android over ios

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Oh im going to comment in a public place but then complain that ... moreWhatever it might be.. it has got nothing do with you. We ere having a healthy exchange of words, and suddenly from nowhere you come and be rude to others. What do you expect? A decent reply in return? Not everyone is well versed with every kind of knowledge in every field. This is not how you treat others. I am a regular at gsmarena for more than 15 years now. I come across a lot of people in comments. You are definitely the worst kind

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Hello Life, 15 Sep 2019Was i conversing with you? Or is it your habit to poke your nose... moreOh im going to comment in a public place but then complain that when i get called out for my ridiculous replies that someome elses reply is just them sticking their nose where it doesnt belong. And thats cause i cant come up with anything relevant or logical instead.

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NoteEdgeUser, 15 Sep 2019Lol, every OS has its issues bud, so you are not making any poin... moreOk facts. Unless you are new to iphones then you know many releases over the years have indeed been worse than oh yeah every os has a few bugs. They were like rushed betas full of crashes and bugs. That took multiple fixes to constantly address them. And they gor a while held a world lead in app crashes. At least 5 years.
And again. If you dont know this then you are new ios and articles.

And again. Who cares if ios gets more updates. When again the android is already more advanced from day one out of box compared to an iphone even after its last update. And androids still recieve security updates for at least one or two years after its last os update.
And again...many ios updates have been nothing to brag about. Lacking features and bogging down the limited storage, ram, and battery of previous iphones. Not to mention again the lack of optimizng proper bug testing before release.

Yeah all systems have issues. But supposedly one of the main points about why iPhone can cost so much is because of how supposedly perfectly optimized ios is. Which is still ridiculous. But the sad part is how bad they rush out shotty updates and use people as beta testers thinking they are getting an official update that wreaks havoc on people. And then they are not even able to revert back most of the time. Just wait hoping for a fix. Which sometimes took multiple update attemtps.
If you dent this you are lying or never used iphone much.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019So you admit you hardly have any idea what features and tech is ... moreWas i conversing with you? Or is it your habit to poke your nose in others convos

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019You have to compare Apples with Apples. Samsung Galaxy S11 Vs iP... moreThat would be a Note10 vs the iP11 isn't it? or the S11/Note11 vs the iP12?

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019That didnt even make logical sense. Just fan rambling.Lol triggered snowflake

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Who said a 2015 android was getting android 10? You either have ... moreLol, every OS has its issues bud, so you are not making any point there at all, every Operating System needs optimizations, so again, you have no point there at all.

So let’s get to the facts here, Androids at best get 1-2 OS updates, 3 if they are REALLY lucky, most of them even with 12GB RAM will be long forgotten by 2022, while the 4GB RAM iPhones will be getting OS updates and Security Patches well into 2025.

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NoteEdgeUser, 15 Sep 2019Please provide proof of al these claims you are making. Also ... moreWho said a 2015 android was getting android 10? You either have not followed the conversation at all to make a sound reply or you have no idea what you are talking about at the moment.
And proof? If you don't know what I'm talking about with apple talking optimizing then you are new to articles even here.
If you need proof that ios had issues at any point then you can't used iphones.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Unfortunately any relevant android of certain companies or price... morePlease provide proof of al these claims you are making.

Also please name me an Android from 2015 that is getting Android 10 officially?
The iPhone 6S range from 2015 are getting iOS 13 and will continue to get support well into 2020 and possibly 2021. Name me an Android from 2015 still getting that sort of support.

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NoteEdgeUser, 15 Sep 2019Lol, updates aren’t just about features. Updates are about havi... moreUnfortunately any relevant android of certain companies or price brackets indeed have plenty security. And you and others have just been blindly arguing about updates. Not security patches as well which these will get 3 to 4 years of updates and then security patches.
Updates are still about festures and stability too though. And ios is not all that amazing there. Even they had to claim how the past couple itterations were finally going to see an improvement in stability and optimizing. First the fact they admitted that. And then the fact that ios super fans had to swarm to defend them and claim how it had zero issues.

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Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019Pfft!! the Snapdragon 855+ is not even close to the A13? ... moreThat didnt even make logical sense. Just fan rambling.

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NoteEdgeUser, 14 Sep 2019Yep. It still does a pretty good job with 4GB RAM, no slowdowns,... moreTypical non factual and side tracking response.
The whole it just works claim has always been one of the biggest lies and exaggerations. Nothing just works. This is reality. No such thing as perfection exists and apple is by far no exception. They dont care about you. They are just getting rich off you defending them blindly for doing this.
2019 apple offers only 4gb of ram even on the high end pro model over 1k. And what do people do? Actually arrogantly attack people and defend them over it. Claiming ita just fine.

Sorry iphone have lagged plenty. 4gb will reload apps even on a13. They held a world lead in app crashes for many years. Many ios updates in recent years have been completely unoptimized and had plenty crash and lag. Youve clearly never used one.

And oh gets updates longer....updates that again are not always that well polished. That still leave it less advanced after even its final update compared to an adroid out of box from day one. And updates that big down the device with intentionally slow downs that take a toll on the intentionally low ram, battery capacity, and non expandable storage. Those issues especially since increasing up to 64gb, 4gb, and over 3000mah have finally become less of an issue and wont bog iphones down like it did in the past...unless they purposefully do it themselves.

Sorry. 8 to 12gb phones have an advantage. And whether you think you personally care or not many do. And regardless of the fact it still has a disadvantage. Regardless of how big or small. And regardless of whether you want to admit it or not. And it still means you are paying for something or even over paying for it, but not recieiving it.

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Hello Life, 14 Sep 2019No i am not denying.. I am not aware that android has any featur... moreSo you admit you hardly have any idea what features and tech is available.
And that you agree its ok for a company to charge yoi for them while not offering them simply because you personally dont think you need them.

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019Apple gets features in 2019 that existed on Android 5 years back... moreLol, updates aren’t just about features. Updates are about having the latest Patches against the most recent exploits, those of us who work in corporate know the importance as IT Security stress it a lot to have our phones updated and unfortunately most Androids are not always well protected.