Huawei Mate 30 Pro photo offers a close look at its waterfall screen, new face recognition hardware

11 September 2019
The left and right side of the Mate 30 Pro screen will curve 90. Also, the hardware inside the notch has been redesigned since the Mate 20 Pro.

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  • Dr Yoshi

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019lol that search bar is so ugly, does emui still have that 2010 a... moreNo lol wtf

  • Anonymous

And for when a sound upgrade for real Dolby with 2 speakers? For me its the great disappointment from the leaks we have so far (lets wait for playstore) to see that S10 an Note still have better sound (not comparing headphones).

  • Anonymous

lol that search bar is so ugly, does emui still have that 2010 android look?

  • Anonymous

The most important is that the Mate 30 have a flat screen:­nel_hints_at_a_bigger_notch-news-39119.php

And audio jack. The Pro is something else so you have two phones to choose which one is more near to your preferences. And still we could get the Mate 30X too. But the matter is be whinning all the time.

These aren't more of the same like Pixels of iPhones. There are more changes coming in these phones. Maybe they could take it out in the shape of a rotten cucumber, so at least you could throw up with more reason. Oh and yes, even if it's installable, at least they'll be free of Google bloatware in the box.

Let's be honest here, that waterfall screen looks uglier than I expected.

Aside from being impractical since the screen often registers the touch of your palm on the side, my major issue with it is durability. You don't need to be a genius to figure that huge surface + curved glass = pending disaster.

I am done! When will the notch waterdrop punch hole trend get over? It is a compromise while retain the bezel when you hide it.

  • Goggi

KebabSLO, 12 Sep 2019Waterfall screen. It may sounds unique, but it's not practical... moreYeah I love my P30 Pro also and was aching to get the Mate 30 Pro, but that waterfall screen... Mmmm need to see if it's practical or a headache.

I have been a fan of curved screens.
But will wait to see it in real life & usage to make judgement.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019Unpopular opinion: I like the curved screen on my mate 20 pro. A... moreit looks like it will have shallow curves not that big as 20 pro

Dis greatest upcoming smartphone will demolish all phones to date !

  • Anonymous

Oflife, 12 Sep 2019Horrible! Worst of both worlds, 1. Notch / Teadrop thing. 2. Cur... moreWhy did you even buy note 9? Your statement is very Contradictive

Mate 30 Pro was made to satisfy both Samsung and Apple users. Ugly (Apple) notch + sliperry curved screen (Samsung)

  • Anonymous

Oflife, 12 Sep 2019Horrible! Worst of both worlds, 1. Notch / Teadrop thing. 2. Cur... moreWhich it doesn't matter as for not curved displays people will buy other phones not the ugly ones from Apple. Anyways a lot of people like the curved ones like the sales of Galaxy phones with puch holes and others with notch already have demostrated.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019Looks like the aspect is even taller. 20:9. Pass me the sick bag. High quality comment right here lololol

  • Oflife

Horrible! Worst of both worlds, 1. Notch / Teadrop thing. 2. Curved display, that ruins user experience, even on my Note 9, that is otherwise a superb device. At least Apple get it re not using curved displays.

Ho, nice, with this photo, I can add another bad aspect to curved screen:
Reflections! So good to have light reflects on the side of your screen, hiding the deformed and color shifted content from your view!

  • James

Wide Notch is still great since it offer 3d secure face id

  • pajson89

bring that beast

The Wall, 12 Sep 2019Sole reason for their existence is marketing purpose = hide the ... moreSpec wars, aesthetics. Call it what you want, but it is there to differentiate. Sell phones. I like the design, even though it's a impracticable to the extend it needs a UI customisation to work for daily use.

That notch, though. That one they can shove somewhere the light won't reach. It really ruins what could have been a great looking phone.