Huawei considers selling its 5G business

11 September 2019
It wants to sell it to a western company.

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FromChinaWithLove, 12 Sep 2019You sounds like there's no one import phone ever before! There a... moreHuawei has no bootloader unlocked and it will violate your guarantee, and how many people will try to install gapps yourself? Most people dont know how to do it, extra burden when competition will offer devices free of complications, it is a huge problem for Huawei, funny how you not see it

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No takers

Baykko, 12 Sep 2019You have no idea what you are talking about, at least try to dis... moreLol, I am working with Hawei network equipment keyboard warrior, and my company get rid of it, cause iti s unreliable and has no customer service support, they literally giving for free, and majority sudffers once they accept it, cause they charge you for awful customer service support, they have no manuals for configurations and so on, it is miles behind Erissson and Nokia, you just made fool of yourself keybiard warrior, lol :D

Mr., 12 Sep 2019Sounds fishy. Why only to the western and not their own. That's ... moreThey are just selling 5G assets, not their 5G business.

Since some Western countries had been bullied by the US not to buy Huawei's gears for fear of 'spying.' So this is one way for those countries to get their hands on the hardware & source code, then do it themselves ... This is essentially self-assembly.

Kangal, 13 Sep 2019People think Huawei is a standalone company like Apple or Nokia ... moreWhy the hell are you so prejudiced towards huawei. HUAWEI not my family business to defend them but I gotta say. Every American companies "helping" USA spy agencies if any data needed for whatever reasons. World need good competition for those who can't afford some big techs. What USA doing is they are killing that competition for US companies. That is industrial espionage 101. The Irony is US says huawei is spy. Dude you gotta think and read something about it before start lucturing us.

Elder McDonald, 12 Sep 2019Why on earth would they want to do something like this ? Someo... moreyeah, no sane company will do that
probably Huawei had some new breakthrough on next level technology
so why not cash in on "old" technology?

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Kangal, 13 Sep 2019People think Huawei is a standalone company like Apple or Nokia ... moreNokia isn't a stand alone company

People think Huawei is a standalone company like Apple or Nokia or Sony. It's not. But that's what Huawei wants you to think, and they want your sympathy saying "we're being bullied by USA and Trump".

The fact of the matter is, many staff and managers of the company work for the CCP. There's a conflict of interest. And they have actually been active in stealing trade secrets, dodging patent licenses, and making security vulnerabilities through both ignorance and purposefully. Now, I don't want to go into a debate about this, you can find sources online particularly articles from Germany. But I will move forwards to the bigger issue to discuss.

People keep forgetting that the 5G Standard has not being finalised, it's still a Work In Progress. To allow any company exclusive rights would be premature at this stage. And it would be dangerous if conducted by another government. I wouldn't want the USA Government to install my Internet Network in my own country, so just the same, I don't want Huawei/CCP to install it either. I am happy for a third-party individual company like Ericsson, Nokia, Vodafone, NTT Docomo, etc etc to process installation and servicing of the network, of course, after inspection that it is free of vulnerabilities and backdoors.

It's much easier to protect your freedom actively, before the fox gets in the hen house. Preventing other governments especially the "super powers" such as USA, Russia, Iran, India, China, Brasil, from spying effortlessly on your country is a good stance to have. Failing to do so actually increases the risk of a third global war.

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Best buy for any company !!!

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Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019There are two possibilities. -Huawei has something bigger proj... moreI can imagine Cisco or Nokia as potential buyers.

Huawei could solve all its problems by moving the headquarter from China to some other country and listing its shares publically.
Western companies have done so as well - albeit only for tax reasons.
Feel free to conclude why they aren't doing it ...

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Sounds fishy. Why only to the western and not their own. That's more than "just business"

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do you think xi ever implements GDPR in china

General Data Protection Regulation

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Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019Yeah if they do end up selling it, theres no more security risk ... moreyeah right

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Huawei please don't let Trump bully you like that.

Huawei working on 6G in reality

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Huawei security: Half its kit has 'at least one potential backdoor'­lf-its-kit-has-at-least-one-potential-backdoor/

programing skills like small kids

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imagine a huawei phone fully loaded with Microsoft facebook and google all services

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Abhi-Darth-Plagueis, 12 Sep 2019Wow, really didn't expect Huawei to pull a move like that! Th... moreYeah if they do end up selling it, theres no more security risk and we need to get back into business with them.

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