Another Pixel 4 XL hands-on review details the screen, camera and chipset

11 September 2019
The screen will automatically enable 90Hz refresh rate when needed and drop to 60Hz to save battery. It's a 3,700mAh battery, by the way.

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  • Anonymous

As a long time mobile fan since Nokia 8250s etc.. I live where new phones have reached. But in my view, I don't think the leaps are great anymore. The iPhone and the Pixel both are incremental jumps.. and the new iPhone they want $2000aud... I just don't see the value anymore.
Fyi I had every iPhone up to the X, and now have an S9+.
To get my money, I'm going to have to be really impressed.. more than the Samsung fold even. Battery screen tech, camera everything needs a bigggg booost not this 10% rubbish every year.. saving the increases for future years..

  • Stieren Diana

What about the speakers lol.
We would like to see a volume speaker:82db
Audio quality;97db

Well,for me, I don't like notches. But where is this forehead coming from? We were happy to see a square-centered camera design on mate20 series, then here comes this iPhone/Google side hump.... Really...
Well at least this is better than the infamous bathtub 3xl-(in MKBHD's voice).

  • Noel

Looks great but will have to wait and see how that 3700mAh battery holds up. Common Google...why not a 4000+mAh capacity battery? Battery capacity and endurance/stamina is one of the top buying decision of many myself included. I am sure the camera will be great as always but why cap it a 12 megapixels. Anyways let's hope they price it around $800

  • Anonymous

Big chin bezelless

With a forehead this big I'd always feel I'm holding my phone upside down... And people have a problem with iPhone X's notch heh...

  • Anonymous

gohelvishalp, 13 Sep 2019What? My 7 pro has 60 fps 4k and 1 year old op 6 has too? Are yo... moreI'll get my coat ;-)

Kingslayer, 13 Sep 2019SoCs are more efficient these days, so no worries of the battery... moreI seem to think.we usually agree on stuff... But not on this. The battery size limits them, particularly the smaller device. I can't begin to get my head around the design decisions that produced these outcomes. 3300 was where it needed to be for the smaller in. Then, it has half a chance if beating the S10e. The bigger one, is on the lower threshold of acceptability.

Little bit disappointing on the e-sim part. Such a shame. Really been hanging out for a dual sim but truth is on the Pixel 3, hardly anyone caters for e sim

  • 123

So 1100usd iphone has 60hz, 500$ pixel has 90hz

I hope that the pricing of the Pixel 4 is aimed at the iPhone 11 and it would be good even if the XL version undercuts it

They can’t price it towards the iPhone 11 Pro

  • Anonymous

"You can also see the Screen Attention feature, which prevents the screen from locking while you’re using the phone."

Basically means Smart Stay by Samsung starting with Galaxy S3. Welcome to 2012, Google!!

"There’s no fingerprint reader hiding behind that display, instead the phone relies entirely on the face recognition (which combines the front camera with the structured light 3D scanner)."

Can't Google make that FP reader under screen like other manufacturers do?! Why does Google need to "s**k up" to (C*)Apple for face recognition which is NEVER SECURE in the first place?!

SoCs are more efficient these days, so no worries of the battery capacity. I do think the previous model had a better design which refers to the smaller 3. More symmetrical. The 4 has a forehead and uglier back.

  • Anonymous

I'll wait for Pixel 4 XL. Personally for me, worth the upgrade from my Pixel 2 XL. As long as it has stock Android, latest flagship spec and better camera, Google can take my money. I'm tired of of skinned Android already.

  • LoeWnn

Owen, 13 Sep 2019Why copy the ugly square box camera from iPhone11? Don't Google ... moreI don't want to defend Google or anything. But who copyd who? Both designs were already leaking months ago. No one knows who was first..

But yeah.. They both suck. Give me or all in one straight line, or a circle in the middle of the phone.

  • LOL

I'm not sure how much the additional 30Hz will drain the battery, anyone with the OnePlus 7 Pro can comment on this?

Personally, I think the human eye can't tell the difference beyond a 75Hz refresh rate.

Unreleased Google phone that you can actually 'google' about easily. Yup, that's Google. They also know we know pretty much everything about it.

Owen, 13 Sep 2019Why copy the ugly square box camera from iPhone11? Don't Google ... more Good point.

855 for Pixel 4/4 XL? Hope Pixel 4a/4a XL would use SD7xx chipset, particularly 730 or 730G. Xiaomi and Oppo already using it.

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 13 Sep 2019For $850, we would be getting 6 GB of RAM and 128GB of storage..... moreIt was meant to fight directly with Apple iPhone, so I'm not surprised with such price tag.