Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max go on pre-order

13 September 2019
You can now reserve your unit in over 30 countries, shipments start next Friday.

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  • Anonymous

don't like it then go buy some chinese junk

  • Professional

Even it is one of the best phones around there,I will not buy it anymore.... It is not a premium design anymore,so ugly!!!! I always used to buy iPhones but since I bought Mi phone 9 I understand that people are saying iPhones are not worth the money anymore!

  • Mel

iFans will love to get their hands on it asap!
To brag they've got the best of the best iPhone of 2019 😁

This ugly thing is overpriced even if it were for free.

  • Anonymous

Ugly camera bump.. ugly

  • Anonymous

the greatest is ever!!!! iOS and it's great value too, you get cutting edge SoC along with the most polished apps on any store.

meanwhile pixel users are running with the same dinosaur os as a 40$ phone would run and will pay 1000$ Google tax for “bone dry android” and photo software.

  • Anonymous

Nice cpu performance, but less that, it sucks. Old fashion design, small storage, small ram, screen sucks, and camera is a step behind the competition (Samsung and Huawei). But, I know there are people that will pay 1000 for a cpu 2 seconds fast and for iOS.

just here to watch the comments

  • Anonymous

triple camera square design now who is copy.. and btw it looked ugly and outdate.