vivo TWS Earphone wireless buds leak with Qualcomm's new flagship wireless chip

14 September 2019
These will likely be the first of many upcoming truly wireless buds, powered by what Qualcomm hopes is a true competitor to Apple's headset tech.

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Ugly Look

Well the imprtant thing is tthat they will be much cheaper than apple ones.
Apart from that other is not that mportant.
Because of own CPU battery life shall be good and other things as well.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Air B ods? Air G spot-s :-)

toastyman, 15 Sep 2019You can't compete with airpods with technology, they're a f... moreWell i have to disagree.
They doesnt looks bad but they are not comfortable and are expensive and offers very poor battery life and are not as good as Bose wireless earbuds or earphones or Jabra 65T sports elite the best 2019 earbuds made.

Exyvia, 16 Sep 2019As in what aspect? Unless you're an audiophile with FLA... moreSo you really think it's so simple as codec? Each & every lossy codec has it's own compression errors which get multiple when you encord from one to other but problem lies elsewhere. BT earbuds aka TWS are very limited with their size, so they are limited in both how big drivers & how efficient other components you can use. With over the ear BT headphones things get a little better but we will discus TWS now. Firstly let's mention quality DAC component & that you need two of them one for the each bud, then those really like decent separation from other components in order to maintain high SNR but you can't afford that in such tiny space. Then there are amp's, same mantra and again you have to use DE class or worse with noise flor and digital amplification for instance like Sony. While there are quality D class amp's which you won't find in anything so small & lot of work whose done in design of micro amplifiers in recent two generations especially in improving their lows frequency capabilities they still aren't suited for something sized like TWS. There's also a decoder, general processing block, BT, RF and antena you have to pack in each. Finally the biggest problem the battery & not only it's that you can't pack big enough one but also that it will burn out in two, three years. Also the choice of drivers, cones and how accustic chamber is designed will impact sound quality much more than anything above which people tend to like very different ones. Even when you disregard all problems & shortcomings mentioned so far no one successfully made a really good one's, one or two did come close but failed on trivial things like BT antennas. Cuple good enough self stand BT transceivers with rest of audio components emerged this year in which you plug in wired headphones & even those lose in their value when compared with good entry lv hi quality DAP's but still I would rather spent 100$ on any of these that 200+ on half decent TWS. At the end to really get something like good TWS with justified longevity for the price we really need a battery revolution but it ain't happening yet.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Still can't replace wired earphones. As in what aspect?

Unless you're an audiophile with FLAC, Bluetooth can support bitrates up to 900kbps (LDAC), generally your music will be 256 or 320 kbps - which is much lower than the maximum output.

General BT isn't that bad also, aptX HD has around 600kbps which is more than enough for normal people.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Still can't replace wired earphones. who asked you to? XD

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Still can't replace wired earphones.

Duck of death, 15 Sep 2019There is no comfort problem with the Buds. They're infinite... moreGood quality memory foam ear tips can make it sustainable enough & less prone jumping out but that's about it & still irritating. You don't know what comfort is until you try Aurvana Air or something similarly designed.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019And appleWhy do you think Steve made a quote in the first place? Old lieing, stealing goat.

who started this stem trend?

  • aura

is it the same body size as Apple?

  • Xtr

They couldn't have, but they just got to make it retard looking like the airpods.

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019airpods?Air B ods?

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NotAnOpinion, 15 Sep 2019This goes for Vivo, especially Huawei and Sammy: "Picass... moreAnd apple

Just opinion , 15 Sep 2019Only problem about Samsung is that they are not comfortable... moreThere is no comfort problem with the Buds. They're infinitely more customisable than the tampon design, thanks to the variable size tips and "rest point" more importantly, they don't fall out when you exercise.
Other than that, I'd like to see where you can see sales numbers of them?

NotAnOpinion, 15 Sep 2019This goes for Vivo, especially Huawei and Sammy: "Picass... moreThat might go for Sennheiser and AKG (now owned by Samsung) for copying and stealing from Onkyo foundation back in the days. Artist would be Creative for it's design but not a very talented one as it never dared to go for masterpiece (50 mm RP driver's/cones), best copiers would still be Edinfire (for referent authorised design copies). The rest is not even worth of mentioning tho Sony & Pioneer (long time ago) had a slip with one model's each.

darkmax, 15 Sep 2019I found these designs hard to keep in my ears.Is it painful or just falling out of your ears?

Since they're owned by the same company that owns OnePlus, Oppo and Realme, you know what this means