LG might be getting back into tablets with the G Pad 5

14 September 2019
However, the leaks do mention a pretty outdated Snapdragon 821 chipset, which is rather odd.

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I remember having xiaomi mi mix and run pubg on low settings with lag

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I love my G7 fit with the SD821. If the price is right, I'm picking this up too. I've been meaning to buy a tablet for multimedia purposes anyway. The market is very small, I'd love to see LG and Sony back at it.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019why would you want slower midrange soc ? 821 is still fast... moreThe QSD 730 isn't slower than the old QSD 820/821 chipsets. Yet, it is more efficient and has certain new features for encoding, radios, bluetooth etc etc. That's why I would use that instead.

I would choose the QSD 636 over the QSD 821 only because they're not too far apart performance wise, but that the QSD 636 is much cheaper. And I would use the price savings to decrease the price of the tablet, which makes it a more compelling product for consumers.

I wouldn't pay more to get the QSD 665, or 670, or 660, or 675, or 710, or 712. If any of those options came at the same (or very similar) price to the QSD 636, I would choose that instead. And I know the Qualcomm chips command an extra premium over their competitors, but at least you get a proper software stack which Qualcomm updates over time. And alongside their documentation, source, etc etc, its much more friendly for developers as well. Combine it with something like a stable AndroidOne OS and you got a winning combination (when you allow for Unlockable Bootloader).

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019why would you want slower midrange soc ? 821 is still fast... moreIt has older arm architecture and inefficient, it is stupid to use this chipset when you have dozens better and newer midrangers, LG is just being dirt cheap in here, no excuses

Lol, LG and HTC well known for using some very old chips from past, no surprises here

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Kangal, 15 Sep 2019First a joke: ...will this tablet satisfy the G-spot? Bu... morewhy would you want slower midrange soc ?
821 is still faster specially in GPU and it will have no problem doing 60fps high at any game so for games and multimedia which are what tablets for its a great choice
midrange socs with low power are better for phones since they save battery

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Someone had a big stock of 821's.

OnePlus 3 and 3T runs on SD820 and SD821 respectively, and yet it still runs fast today despite three major Android version update. I just don't see any problem with LG's decision with the chipset.

Perhaps 8200mah is for 10.1" tablet while the 6000mah is for 8.0". I'm looking for a decent 8.0 tablet, but there are none.

Still using the original LG G Pad 8.3 although it's on crdroid rom with September 2019 security patch & no working camera.

  • kek

This is actually a great idea imo.

But sadly, LG great ideas are killed by their outrageous prices. The most recent example was the LG G7 One.

Jaeger, 15 Sep 2019And yet, SD845 is still more powerful than SD730, specially... moreBut you're quoting the price of the phone, not the chipset.

The price of the chipset to buy between the two are same. This is because the QSD 855 is smaller thanks to the 7nm lithography compared to the 10nm lithography of the QSD 845. So there's no reason to buy a 2019 phone with the QSD 845. And as shown, there really isn't any QSD 845 phones in 2019, they're majority just phones of 2018 stock being sold late. Whereas the QSD 730 is cheaper to buy than either 845/855... but by how much is a detail we aren't exactly sure about.

And it's especially true that Qualcomm is printing out millions of chips each month, and they're very strict about pricing above everything else. As they start designing their next flagship chip, they send review samples to their licensees/OEMs, and start batch orders depending on the tender. And then Qualcomm start mass manufacturing the next-flagship chipset and start weaning off production of the old flagship chipset as pre-emptive reaction to the upcoming market conditions. This is fairly straightforward for their flagships, and even their low-end chipsets, but the midrange chips are where things are more dynamic and less predictable.

That's why for the longest time, we've had the QSD 625 chipset, because it was priced-fairly, but other/better Snapdragon chipsets in the 600-variants and 700-variants were priced badly. It has been a stagnant market between 2015-2017. This is partly because they have some technology (patents) that they don't want to share, and have been use that as leverage to increase their chipset prices and rip off the OEMs. However, there are probes looking into this as a breach of antitrust laws in multiple countries to break this monopoly. Especially since now Apple is a licensee of Qualcomm, despite Apple owning the entire radio division of Intel. It's at the point where in the last 2-years Samsung turned to designing more Exynos chips for their low-end and midrange phones, and other OEMs turned away from Qualcomm.

And so Qualcomm is responding (quite late) to the market conditions by making new chips and reducing prices. And we've seen the midrange chipsets like the QSD 636 become more prominent in actual midrange phones at midrange prices, and upper-midrange chipsets like the QSD 710/712 become available on a few models. Hopefully, there will be added pressure on Qualcomm to make better chips and at lower prices, and pressure on OEMs to diversify their portfolio slightly more.

Kangal, 15 Sep 2019First a joke: ...will this tablet satisfy the G-spot? Bu... moreAnd yet, SD845 is still more powerful than SD730, specially in GPU. You can get SD845 phones at a good price, cheaper, in fact, than SD730 phones (Galaxy A80 is actually pricier than Note9).

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Weird choice, but the SD821 is still plenty fast enough for... moreGiven the price range LG targets, mediatek G90T makes the most sense. It is cheap and powerful with good GPU, which tablets need.

Really hope this is something around 300 - 400 dollars. There isn't really an Android tablet at that price that also has good specs. Mi pad 4 is close to achieveing this but SD 660 isn't all that powerful. Galaxy tab s5e also too expensive for it's chipset (SD 675). G pad 5 is gonna be the cheap gaming tablet I'm looking for.

It actually looks like a decent tablet if they price it right I don’t mind using android tablets in 2019

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Weird choice, but the SD821 is still plenty fast enough for... moreFirst a joke: ...will this tablet satisfy the G-spot?

But seriously, the QSD 821 is a bad choice today. It would be cheaper to go with the QSD 636, or it would be better to go with the QSD 730. There's not much need to go for any in-between (QSD 665, 670, 660, 675, 710, 712) midrange chipsets, at least not for a price increase, or to be seen as anything besides mere bonus performance.

And about their flagship chipset: there's no point getting a QSD 820, 821, 835, 845 chipset anymore. Just stick to the QSD 855/Plus, otherwise downgrade into the midrange tier.

The same could be said about their in-order small chipsets from their low-end lineup; cheapest QSD 439, or best QSD 632. There's no need for their in-between (QSD 450, 625, 626, 630) chipsets.

Hence; upgrading phone tiers should look something like this:
$99 or less - MediaTek (or Exynos, Kirin, RockChip, AMLogic, Allwinner, Broadcomm, VIA...)
USD $100 - QSD 439
USD $150 - QSD 632
USD $200 - QSD 636
USD $300 - QSD 730
USD $500 - QSD 855 (or 855 Plus, Kirin 980, Kirin 990, Exynos 9820, Exynos 9825)

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Weird choice, but the SD821 is still plenty fast enough for... morelg g7 fit has snapdragon 821 and 6.1 inch display 3120*1440px . lg g7fit has 157000 antutu score

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Weird choice, but the SD821 is still plenty fast enough for most tasks. If it's priced well, then this could be a nice tablet.

  • Orange97

Even SD821 itself is laughing out loud after reading this!