Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design also incoming

16 September 2019
Richard Yu, Huawei CEO, has a teaser of the phone on its Weibo page.

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  • KN

ILoveSmartphones, 16 Sep 2019huawei makes slow, expensive phones..I got my mate 20 on the cheap and it's still a top dog!

so much Huawei haters for no reason. If you like a brand, you don't need to wish for the death of other brands for the sake of your brand being successful, you just have to hopethey strive to produce the best products, if not you are just a mindless fanboy.

That said I cannot wait for the Mate 30 lineup to come out and specially to find out how Huawei plans to get around the Google services issue.

  • Anonymous

still look like a mid range phone

huawei makes slow, expensive phones..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019They should not cut off the mate X variant like what Xiaomi... moreIf they don't launch the mate 30X this year, I'll wait for honor note 11, honor note 11 will launch on 2020, hope honor note 11 will comes with M pen. If they cut off the mate 30X like Xiaomi did which means Huawei would end the larger phone version which make's users upset and I'll focus more of upcoming honor note series. If Huawei will not cut off the larger phone version for the future, it will be lucky. Should I wait for mate 30X or honor note 11?

  • Anonymous

They should not cut off the mate X variant like what Xiaomi did the max series.

Not less than 2.000 EUR

  • Anonymous

The Mate 20 x was my fav version, hope they release a successor

  • Anonymous

Good luck selling those without GAPPS and Play Services

I may well be a big Porsche fan, but I am definitely not thinking about flagship-tier Huawei phones. I'm still not impressed with the camera.

  • Borland

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019Well, I was waiting for mate 30X for more than 2 month's st... moreSame here. I am curious, what was the selling ratio between Mate 20 / 20 Pro / 20 X. I was hoping, Mate 30X will come with improved and integrated M-Pen.

Well i asumming it will have leather back as previous RS series and top notch specs.
I really hope it will come with shapphire glass screen on camera and front glass and some unique tricks up in its sleeves.
Well lets see what kind of differences this beauty will offer and how much it will cost.

  • Anonymous

Well, I was waiting for mate 30X for more than 2 month's still no leaks. I only see the mate 30, 30 pro or even 30 rs which just leak out. No mate 30X launching??? Please launch mate 30X alongside with 5G! Waiting for new mate 30 giant-gaming variant, please read this below link before the mate 30 series launch...