Motorola E6S launched in India as a rebranded Moto E6 Plus

16 September 2019
An affordable phone with a clean build of Android and a removable back cover.

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  • Anonymous

Shan, 23 Sep 2019Can any one confirm that this mobile is "Andriod One" ?Unfortunately not Android one and it's not a great user experience regardless of the cheap price

  • Shan

Can any one confirm that this mobile is "Andriod One" ?

  • Anonymous

Surprisingly amazing camera quality and Helio P22 is good for seamless performance

  • Anonymous

the phone has a good display with the decent camera setup. helio p22 is good for seamless performance

  • Anonymous

My E2 dual is still great but E6s looks great, I want it. entry level but keep quality onboard is theme of E series

  • Lokendra

It seems like Helio P22 is becoming the OEM's favorite chipset.

  • Vaibhav

Moto's new phone with MediaTek is a new beginning of many better products that we can see in future!!

Please never compare Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Apple, Samsung with Realme, Redmi, Opp, Vivo.
There should be option on jnteenent where I can block Mi, Me users.. they think also cheap as do theh use phones. Senslees talks they do in the name of speed which in actually slows down after 6 month.
Chinese users in life have never experienced quality n premiumness. All they know is to Copy and lie that we did not copy.

Sun Sand, 16 Sep 2019Removal battery is its biggest feature. Decent for the price, bu... moreWondering is it possible to order it with an extra battery!

Removal battery is its biggest feature. Decent for the price, but therr are alternate options: Asus M pro1 -5000 mAhs, Full HD+, BT 5, SD636 // Infinix Red hot: 5000 mAhs, 6.5", BT 5.
Can make for decent back up phones too. But all have micro usb.

Motorola need to leave ndian market as soon as possible.
They are a sinking ship in Indian smarphone ocean.
Cheap phones with high cost.

  • Anonymous

Incoming comments who want to complain about a 100 dollar phone
Don't like it, move on
You weren't even going to buy it in the first place

Looks avesome.
I mean 111 dollars which is like 90 euros for a 64/4 GB variant.
There are not many phones this cheap with this specs.
Price is usualy what matters and this going to sell like french hot baguettes
Big batteries which are removable, dual sim slots with extra slot for memory card, jack and android one also going to increase sales.
No fuss, no bloatware and a good specs for even better and more adorable price.