HTC will focus on mid-rangers this year, integrate VR and 5G into 2020 phones

16 September 2019
HTC wants to strengthen its position in Taiwan where 2 in 3 phones are sold for under $320. HTC will work with carriers to promote the Viveport VR platform.

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  • Anonymous

I been an HTC fanboy like forever - but then they charged premium prices for sub standard phones. There is so much competition - you either find your niche or compete via pricing. Qualitywise phones today are identical to each other (paying 400$ upwards).

  • Anonymous

Midranger phone for a top end price.

  • Anonymous

Babak, 16 Sep 2019HTC is : you underestimate our power

  • Anonymous

Their midrangers have been overpriced for their specifications for a while now. Hopefully they don't plan on keeping that strategy up, since it's likely why their phones haven't been selling.

  • Anonymous

Bundle in a VR Headset with the phone, LOL.
HTC should start making AR headsets.

Too late...for midrangers

  • MasEnha

Frankly I've almost forgot that we have had HTC brand ever. This news recalling my memory btw.

  • Anonymous

I've got love for all these legendary brands. LG, Sony, HTC, etc. With China's emergence and crazy cheap powerful phones, however, they should focus on making phones that are unique/"niche" to the market even if they don't sell amazing. Sony is doing that with the Cinema Pro app, LG has been doing it with the audiophile DAC, HTC putting VR in their phones would be a dope idea.

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019Samsung is increasing sales, but profits are going down. F... moreOfc but they have loyal customers,so they will sell their products for many years. That is also very important...

  • Babak

HTC is dead...

  • Dometalican

Darn it...I was really looking forward to a follow-up to the HTC U12+...guess I'm waiting to see what Razer has since the ROG 2 doesn't work with my carrier.

  • Bro

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019U19e has HDR oled screen, SD710 , waterproofing and boom so... moreYes they should bring out HTC U19e worldwide. Its a great phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019Get ready for more plastic build sd665, LCD mediocrity ... moreU19e has HDR oled screen, SD710 , waterproofing and boom sound.
Less than $500.

  • Anonymous

Alex 94, 16 Sep 2019Budget and mid-range devices with good prices can save them... moreSamsung is increasing sales, but profits are going down.
Flagships bring more profits than midranges.
This is why Apple makes much more money selling phones than other brands.

  • Ramsey

They should launch the new HTC U19e worldwide because it is a good phone with excellent specificantions such as an OLED screen and good battery. HTC should ship the low end mediocre specs phones which nobody is going to buy

Budget and mid-range devices with good prices can save them.Samsung understand that,and made great A series. Maybe they can't earn the same but still have 20% market share globally.

Well having a phone for 320 dollars is fine idea as long as the specs arent worse than Xiaomi redmi Note 7A which cost 120-150 euros depends on country and vendor.
Othervise this kind of midranger sector is really bad.
Because for a 320 euros a decent upper midranger or flagship can be bought.

  • Anonymous

HTC is alive again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Get ready for more plastic build sd665, LCD mediocrity

While others start using OLEDS and Midrange 5G chipsets

Yeah start manufacturing phones with 712, 665, and 730 until new chips come next year, and price them decently. That will get you a good market share. Overpriced phones will just keep them away. HTC could take some cues from Samsung for their midrange line. The A80 with snapdragon 730 is way overpriced though.