Video compares Pixel 4 XL's cameras against the iPhone XS Max

17 September 2019
The video starts off with a look at the Pixel's camera hardware - the wide cam on the back uses the same sensor as the Pixel 3/3a.

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There are at least a few fake comparison channels from South and Southeast Asia on YouTube with not-yet-announced or not-yet-available phones. They just take photos with different apps or 2 different phone and label them the latest phones to scam views.

We compare the camera apps on two phones. Android noobs believe this is suppose to represent the actual image quality based on the camera app.
They don't even know that different apps give different quality results but since they don't, we will continue fooling them.
Regards. See you on our next comparison to look down on a phone we don't like.

the Pixel looks narrow and tall, I'm looking for a 71mm-75mm wide phone

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"The telephoto camera has an IMX481 sensor – 16MP with 1.0µm pixels, 1/3.6”"
Not true, 16 megpixels and 1.0 micrometer pixel size is a 16mm² sensor = 1/3.2" type sensor , that's also the reason why the Pixel 4 portrait camera has a wider field of view and a higher resolution

The last Oracle, 17 Sep 2019It's most likely a fake. The Pixel 4 hasn't even been relea... moreIt is fake for sure.

It's most likely a fake. The Pixel 4 hasn't even been released yet.