Realme XT's first software update brings in September security patch and camera improvements

17 September 2019
The update is likely rolling out in a staged manner.

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How is the video recording performance of realme XT in 720p under low light

How is its focus
Does it have grainy videos samples

Koki, 17 Sep 2019These are worthless updates. Where is Realme OS ? Shutdown ... moreNo offence meant, but you are comparing a sub 15k INR device with the most expensive series of devices on the planet. Doesn't that sounds biased to you by a long shot?

If you end up buying the cheapest iPhone officially available in the country then you won't be getting the premium software support for much longer anyways thus, completely nullifying your very first reason to buy an iPhone.

I am not praising Realme but I won't buy it for the best software experience anyways. If I end up buying it then it will solely be for the hardware it provides, unlock it and rock a solid custom ROM as soon as it gets available.

  • Koki

These are worthless updates. Where is Realme OS ? Shutdown the Android Q Beta program without any user notice? This is worst strategy ever, Going back to iOS after good 9 years, Goodbye Android Software and update policies that no one cares to follow. I am going to sell my Realme 3 pro now. No more hopeless promises that I want to hear from these smart chinese cheap companies. GoodLuck