Samsung introduces Galaxy M10s and M30s in India

18 September 2019
Large batteries and improvements in the specs department.

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  • Anonymous

The cameras in this segment are very average so if you buy this do not except a great camera though it is better than the J category phones. At less than 200 euros the phone is very good.

  • KK

When Samsung Galaxy M series -Introducing in Canada?

BoJo, 18 Sep 2019because buyers of M30s don't care about thickness as a comp... moreI Totally get that but even huawei are overtaking Samsung in the battery department with their flagships

  • Gunawan

When M30s available in indonesia ? I will buy it

  • mustufa

samsung lacking innovation. every model launched by samsung is already a downgrade compared to their chinese counterparts but at a higher price. c mon samsung

  • Sebstin

omg.. How many 6"+ phones??!!!

vem, 18 Sep 2019Looks like Samsung is killing the A30s just one month into ... moreI'm afraid they won't be both available in the same areas

Extra: M30s comes with UFS 2.1 and LPDDR4X storage, according to their news site

  • Ash

Finally samsung getting serious in india.

Smartkool, 18 Sep 2019In my honest opinion, Samsung is releasing way to much way ... moreWhat so ridiculous about it? It's not too much neither confusing. 10 model from M series per year. 10 model from A series per year. The usual S series and Note series. That's it. So simple. Fyi, not all their phone released in every single country so no one get confused. A series mostly launched in China. M series mostly in India. Elsewhere are only few selected market. Only the S series and Note series are widely available since they are flagships.

  • abuyasin

Gobinath, 18 Sep 2019Wow. Think about M30s with snapdragon 675 r 700 series, nig... moreWhat is the different between the two snapdragon and exynos?

  • Advait

DavidRegalJnr, 18 Sep 2019I don't get it..why only India when it clearly has potentia... moreIt's probably not really economically viable for them to make these specifications available for cheap elsewhere in the world. In India however, they know they need to give good specs for the budget range otherwise they won't get as many buyers.

I want the M30s in international markets NOW!

  • D.

Not bad, especially looking at Indian price :) . OFC this cannot be compared and expected globally. M isn't meant for EU/global. they have A for that. So look at new A models there and we'll see what they bring.

  • Anonymous

Namelesss, 18 Sep 2019Less stuff to put under the hood, more space for a bigger b... moreWeird they only found out about all the extra space they had after so many years

  • Anonymous

Smartkool, 18 Sep 2019In my honest opinion, Samsung is releasing way to much way ... moreUpdate yourself a bit. Samsung is only trying to compete

  • Anonymous

Akashraj, 18 Sep 2019M30s is probably the most VFM smartphone I've ever seen fro... moreOh you said it. It is actually a monster inmore ways than one and is a best seller. This phone and the intent from samsung will give xiaomi redmi and realme sleepless nights

Smartkool, 18 Sep 2019In my honest opinion, Samsung is releasing way to much way ... moreBecause of aggressive competion from Chinese brands here. Almost every midrange models Samsung launched this year became outdated by current Chinese models. So they had no choice but to bring new model. Midrange chipsets have come a long way. They are good enough to use for 2 years without any major performance issues. People here in India mostly change their devices after 2-3 years. So it's not a problem.

Looks like Samsung is killing the A30s just one month into it's release. A30s is actually a downgrade from A30 and increased price. But the M30s is an actual upgrade and costs less than what M30 used to cost at it's release. With this no one will ever look at A30s. And to some extent will overlook even the A50s. And M30s will definitely rock the sales...

I hope the European price for the Samsung Galaxy M30s isn't too crazy, looks interesting