Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro unveiled, have three 40MP cameras between them

19 September 2019
The Mate 30 Pro boasts a 40MP Super Sensing camera (wide) and a 40MP Movie camera (ultra wide).

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Hideous. Copy every possible feature from the competition = Mate 30. Huafans were laughing at FHD+ in NOTE10. Guess who´s laughing now, your beloved idol has it in the Pro variant. LMAO.

iphone copy and samsung copy all in one..huawei are lucky they are not in us market they would have been sued by apple for copying their notch..what a boring overpriced phone phone...they must sell this phone for 300 dollars. no innovation whatsoever its screaming copy copy copy copy. Jesus Christ!!

  • BudgetedPerson

Well, no 90hz display as rumored? Though the colors are nice and the notch seems smaller compared to the last generation whereas Apple is still using the notch from 2017.