Porsche Design Huawei Mate 30 RS arrives with lavish design, eye-watering price

19 September 2019
A more premium Mate 30 Pro that will be available at some point, at an extravagant price.

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  • omo

the phone is amazing and wonderful i would want to know when will it feature into Ugandan market and its price in Uganda shillings

  • Carol

Well, they have somw nerve to put this kind of prices to action...

YUKI93, 21 Sep 2019I read that as well, not sure which is true. But I saw this... moreSo far aside from XDA non has mentioned xenon flash

  • nkzklia

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019for me, the worst thing here is to see how is possible that... moreyour comment always at negative side.
better shutdown your finger and thinking.

  • Anonymous

for me, the worst thing here is to see how is possible that so respected German company like Porsche goes in to bed with Huawei.

LG Superfan, 20 Sep 2019It has xenon checked on xdaI read that as well, not sure which is true. But I saw this image from GSMArena's hands-on article, and it looks like dual-LED to me: https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/reviews/19/huawei-mate-30-pro-handson/lifestyle/-727w2/gsmarena_008.jpg

  • AnonD-794992

JohnIsCooper, 19 Sep 2019Sure but that is not how current batteries work. The current batteries are more efficient with more mah in the same format compared with the replaceable batteries years ago. That is how thay work.

Well this phone is beautifull a lot but i am waiting for Razr to be unveiled a foldable beauty from motorola.

M, 19 Sep 20192100 eur without google apps? Who will buy it?Man they are not there but everyone gets option to install them.
And yb the way google is not the end of world.
People can live without google.
They are not the air we breathing.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019This MATE 30 RS will definitely top AnTuTu Charts with BEST... moreMan Nubbia 3 red magic had over 500k and thats 400 euros phone.

  • Anonymous

2095 euro for a FHD display resolution? Not even QHD+ and no 90hz refresh rate are you fu*king kidding me? No ufs micro card support... And the chip is way slower than A13 not even faster than S855+... and in January it will be old hardware..... Huawei come on for a price of 2095€ I get a DSLR camera plus OnePlus 7pro ...

Yonef, 19 Sep 2019Without Google Play services - this is total fail!No it's not. In fact this is giving people options to leave outside Google world.

YUKI93, 19 Sep 2019According to the Compare table as of right now, it features... moreIt has xenon checked on xda

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019Been asking myself same question. Even gsmarena hasn't con... moreXda said its xenon

  • Anonymous

To all the people justifying the price?

Where were you guys when the Galaxy Fold price was revealed?? Then it was DOA and not worth it till the 2nd gen. But this phone that doesn't fold in half or do anything amazing and yet it isn't for you it's for people willing to spend more money and can afford it.

Well that goes for the Galaxy Fold too and its price ;)

John, 19 Sep 2019I agree! VERY expensive for Huawei! You guys are like the guys asking the gas efficiency of a brand new sports car ....
If you need to ask it's not for you !

Stop complaining about the price , this is not made for the average Joe .... If you can afford a NEW Porsche then you can afford this phone as well. The reason to buy this is so you can middle finger all the rest of you rich friends with "just" the latest iCrap. This phone is intended as a status symbol while it is certainly capable, unlike other alternatives , its made to be expensive just because people can ... Why do you think you can buy T-shirts for 500$ ? Because some people need to show that they can

If you're complaining about the price, you are not the audience for this product.
The reason is just because they can, the rich won't bat an eye as 2k is nothing.

2100 euro !! It should be a joke !! Hahaha

As cool as this phone's looks are, Huawei is crazy if they charge you a whole extra 1000 euros for a phone that's basically a Mate 30 with a cool leather back. This phone is going against the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X for that price while at the same time it only offers 4GB of ram more than the Mate 30 pro. The right price for this phone was $1.500 and some would say that's pushing it.