Huawei Mate 30 promo videos ask you to rethink everything

19 September 2019
The hour and a half long presentation is hard to condense to a couple of minutes, but these videos do a good job of listing the highlights.

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Got to rethink what kind of OS is the best long term, so it won't happen again like with huawei.
HW is obviously best, like B&W compared to others, camera comparison was funny again, some features even not worth comparing to phones...

  • Anonymous

Did Huawei just discontinued the successor of mate 20X??? Well, that's it! I'm going to wait for the successor of honor note (with M pen)! Very disappointing!

  • D.

Rethink 2018 notch, same Fruit.

Wow! Jaw dropping specs, can't wait to lay my hands on that "beast"

  • Anonymous

rethink price or screen resolution? lol

MadMel, 19 Sep 2019slow mo at 7860fps demo ... moreThat is truly amazing. Not just the speed, but the quality itself is impressive too.

Leather back is such a nice throwback to the LG G4 days (though that was faux leather). I hope it doesn't remain exclusive to the Porsche version.

slow mo at 7860fps demo ...

when is the availability?

Do they want us to rethink thinking notches are hideous?