vivo V17 Pro announced: Snapdragon 675 SoC, 6.44" AMOLED screen, and dual pop-up camera

20 September 2019
It also has a quad camera setup at the back and packs a 4,100 mAh battery.

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  • Señor

GDS Khera, 20 Sep 2019For a moment there I thought I has mis read and the amount ... moreI think SD 675 can control these camera set. Which cannot by 855 or 710. You may ask any hardware engineer or core level engineer who can explain it to you. 675 is very successful in v15, pro. Yes price at first will be high. Wait for 3 4 months. V15 pro will be closed. Then price would be in range.

  • Hardik

Manoj199039, 20 Sep 2019No memory card slot... Again overpriced... 675 old process... moreCorrect... K20pRO get price cut in Flipkart sale. 29th Sep-4oct in big billion days

For a moment there I thought I has mis read and the amount was 19000/- odd, but at 29000/- it's highly overpriced. Good cameras but SD 675.
Has Ravi Shastri joined Vivo board of directors, they sure are smoking the same thing.

Ash, 20 Sep 2019675 for 28k ? What is vivo smoking ??29,990 is literally 30k. Not 28k. Yeah more overpriced garbage from vivo. The person in vivo who brought about this phone wasn't thinking clearly.

Stop using useless macro lens, use the wide angle lens to do macro and start using 2mp dedicated night camera lens instead

  • Anonymous

Patrik, 20 Sep 2019it has nfc..?Yes, but for that price, better buy the Motorola Zoom with dual OIS and better quality construction. Anyways both are overpriced. Maybe in some months...

No memory card slot... Again overpriced...
675 old processer...
I'll go with Redmi k20 pro or Asus 6z

  • Anonymous


  • khalid

nothing new just one more selfie and one depth cam.
same old vivio v15 pro.
should be 64 and with 730sd.

  • Patrik

it has nfc..?

  • Ash

675 for 28k ? What is vivo smoking ??

  • Nicknj

Overpriced, wont be successful with oneplus 7 and k20 pro in the same range

Vivo phones are always overpriced. A similar Xiaomi/Redmi or Realme sub-brand phone would be near half the price.

For that price it should have at least 730G SoC, not some crummy 675 which will struggle and be slow with four cameras and 48Mpix multi-shot images.

  • Anonymous

Upgradation in camera section only without processor upgrade, but still charging a premium price is a retrograde step. Redmi k20pro will fetch a flagship processor of this year for same price

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019Yeah v15 pro already sd675, so this should change to sd710/... moreNah thats what i mean
no upgrade for the Chipset from last year V15Pro model
if this use 730/730G, it will be very great midrange

Little bit overpriced, you can pick up a mi9 t pro/k20 pro for that sort of money

highly overpriced.

Definitely love this type of screen display. Looks so elegant.

they kicked out the microSD

  • Anonymous

Z E R O, 20 Sep 2019why still use Snap 675 -_- if this phone with Snap 730, it... moreYeah v15 pro already sd675, so this should change to sd710/712/730/730g