New Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha renders show a curved display extending all the way to the back of the phone

21 September 2019
These are concept renders, but still, could this be what Xiaomi meant by over 100% screen to body ratio?

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Namelesss, 21 Sep 2019I'm impatient to see what kind of case could prevent this thing ... moreBubble wrap cases. Guaranteed safety. Lol.

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Mbiji, 22 Sep 2019Why you people bashing some oems that make a concept phone (like... moreYep so true lmao,they bashing its like they know how to make phone.Why not u guys appreciate instead bashing around.

hey at least it has no notch... what's to complain

  • Anonym

Probability of scratching the screen: 100%!

The era of bezelles smartphone was started by the first Xiaomi mi Mix first gen, other manufactures start to follow shrinking their bezzels to minimum. I expect this new mi mix to be another game changing again. A lot of innovations mostly are coming from chinese brand.

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100% Screen to body seems impossible. We can only count that ratio if it's on the front, not wrapping through the back. 100% will only be possible if the plug that powers up the display is moved on the middle, not on the end.

Pabliell, 21 Sep 2019I agree with all, except for one thing. Why is this more prefera... moreBecause the separated screens feels a lot like 2 phones glued together, this one feels visually as one device, not some experiment. Its also future proof as you can use side touch instead of hw buttons. But of course, touch settings will matter, the same as with mate30pro, if done right its a blessing.
If its about endurance, its still better than one without glass(foldables). As for me, I never cracked the screen so it also depend on user if its durable enough for him. Well even if I would care, just to compare selfies nowadays with hi end wide and super wide lens, how could one resist...

  • Anonymous

"the design should potentially be even more practically feasible than devices like the Huawei Mate X or the Samsung Galaxy Fold."

In what way ? Dual screen phone exist long time ago . You only can look at 1 side at a time . Whats the difference between this and 2 seperated screen ? Any practical application ?

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019Copied from sharp crystal And every brand even sharp apple samsung Nokia LG HTC Huawei meizu xiaomi sony siemens etc copied from Motorola which back in 1973 created first cell phone.
Since then all copy.
For example i would be happy if motorola remained as the only phone brand in world.
But now we have like 300 maybe more phone brands including those which are just for one country like cherrymobile brand is only available in phillipines or malaysia. Or Myphone brand which is only available in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Etc.
It should be pretty nice if only Motorola remained in existence.
Like only ford shoudl be available for cars. Or boeing for public aviation. etc.

  • Anonymous

There is inherent genius in this design. One screen, and reduce cost of inferior front camera, and you have use of just one array of cameras. Back screen helps you take selfies. I think a good slide in case is needed and I'm sold on this idea.

  • Mbiji

wasox, 22 Sep 2019i really do not understand this craziness about screens so curve... moreWhy you people bashing some oems that make a concept phone (like mi mix) and these phone are not for you.. Just.. Just leave it for another people..
You prefer more practical design? Just go get another phones..
You wouldn't embrace oems to make something new if you said so..

  • Mbiji

GDS Khera, 22 Sep 2019To be Honest, IF this design comes to pass, I'd like to see a pr... moreMi mix lines are concept design that consumers can have..
For people want more practical can pick another lines..or another oems.. Cheers

  • protein4ick

vrvly, 21 Sep 2019Let me explain if you don't get it. Even if it's not foldable, a... morebut what about the protection cover though? It is an interesting concept, however, a fragile one... so for me, just a waterfall curves are much better than a rear display

  • Mbiji

For negative people just don't buy this thing..n shut up..
For the rest..this is something oem had to achieve instead of foldable f phones.. More reasonable and futuristic than flexible displays that prone easily to scratch even with your finger nail..
Bravo xiaomi

i really do not understand this craziness about screens so curved, a little curve, well, yes looks somewaht interesting, but just reachin 45 degrees is plain stupid, not to talk about going to angles beyond that, wtf

  • Mel

That is looks like is useless curve and annoying at the edge. For sure one drop that phone is done ( shattered in pieces lol ) there will be no case can protect it. This phone will be good for rich people

  • Gag

Let's be practical. Durability of phone matters for everyone. It's quite not possible to protect the phone by applying the protective glass and even protective case. And when the phone falls its most likely to get shattered all the way.

To be Honest, IF this design comes to pass, I'd like to see a proper case being made for this one. THat'd be fun to see.
Honestly though, that's one hell of a job making something like this, I really Wish Xiomi makes something more practical.

  • D.

'Caseless' I meant generally more in a future, for now it probably needs a case but if possible the one which doesn't cover it too much. It's not impossible to make one.

  • Anonymous

NotCory, 22 Sep 2019Good luck trying to disassemble or replace something inside it. ... moreWhy do you want to disassemble or replace something? Do you think it is a destop computer?