Sharp AQUOS zero2 announced with 240Hz refresh rate display and Android 10

25 September 2019
AQUOS sense 3 and sense 3 plus tag along.

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  • wilskie

dladz, 26 Sep 2019240hz and 3,300MAh battery? Lol turn it on and enjoy tha... morenever understimate japan's technology. they are more advanced. more inovative... buy it and eat your words after...

  • Anonymous

Baykko, 28 Sep 2019Developers wont make Apps that can take advantage of such h... moreTHANK YOU!! Someone gets it finally. The smartphone market is oversaturated af as it is. Companies like Sharp and Xiaomi are just trying to make something new.

BlurBusters, 27 Sep 2019240 Hz is not just for games -- 240 Hz is also extremely go... more144hz is all it would ever need.

Developers wont make Apps that can take advantage of such hardware if the hardware doesn't exist first. Like Nintendo wont make games for the Switch 2 until they are ready to launch the switch two. What I'm trying to say is it's necessary to develop and release technology like this to incite the industry to develop and release content that can take advantage of it In the future.

That said, 240Hz refresh rate is too much right now. 90 isn't even a standard. and the battery size is too small. You cannot lame Sharp though, they are just trying to stand out and gather attention. Look at Xiaomi with the Mix Alpha, Look at Huawei with the Cinema Lens ultra wide, look at Samsung with the punch hole or Apple with...IDK, the apple on the back.

  • Anonymous

dladz, 26 Sep 2019240hz and 3,300MAh battery? Lol turn it on and enjoy tha... morePut it in a powerbank gamepad for gaming + cooling fan to enjoy 240hz gaming experience.. 3000 mah is for phone function only at regular 60hz duh

  • BlurBusters

240 Hz is not just for games -- 240 Hz is also extremely good for reducing motion blur during scrolling. Doubling refresh rate halves motion blur on a flickerless display, so quadrupling refresh rates reduces motion blur by 75%. This will make it much easier to read text while scrolling web pages and other material.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019a bigger battery is not necessary in Japan. You know, Japan.Battery optimization is probably pretty good. And no, I don't know what you mean by "Japan". If you don't like it don't buy it.

  • Anonymous

a bigger battery is not necessary in Japan. You know, Japan.

  • Anonymous

240 Hz gaming moment

240hz and 3,300MAh battery?

Lol turn it on and enjoy that screen.

For 10 minutes.

:) lmao what a crap decision.

Will the Zero 2 have WiFi 6?

acemang, 25 Sep 2019you have 10 year old if you dont know how companies work a... moreMan you are funny i know how companies works.
Xiaomi makes device for 100 bucks and sells for 150 which is 50% profit for example.
M20 in india cost 120 euros and european price is 250 euros. But cost to make M20 are like 50-60 euros so in india they make 100% profit and in europe 420% profit.
This is how Samsung works. If you call a robbery on a customer good deal then feel free to feed them.
Because for just 120 euro in India you get same device as in europe for 250 depends on vendor. In my country some companies asking up to 360 eur for M20.

Times when the cost means quality are long time gone because for just 100 bucks xiaomi can offer equal device compared to samsung for 250-300 like for example Redmi 8A.

  • s-pen pusher

imma sucker for the higher refresh rate on smartphone screens since i got me my first razer phone; i have since upgraded to razer phone 2 and am in the process of saving up to get the asus rog phone 2, and now THIS!

  • maxsURBAN

OK OK… let us discuss is one buy one.
the brand is SHARP
the phone is a SMARTphone
they showcase the phone as a gaming phone
they offer of what battterrrrrrryyyyy????????
its not a smart and sharp thinking I guess

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 25 Sep 2019Well funny on google play there are just few games which su... moreDid you really have to write all that... Lmao

  • Anonymous

I have 2016 sharp aquos phone with 120hz fhd display and 3000mah battery. It last full day while I'm gaming and last 1.5 day while texting. why it can last that long? the answer is the panel use IGZO so it consume less energy. Aquos sense3 with IGZO panel and 4000mah in modern chip, this will destroy many phone LOL

FrozenFire, 25 Sep 2019That's plain wrong. Higher refresh rate just means the disp... moreI know. But our devices should be able to render it 240 fps on UI and while doing basic tasks, meaning quadruple GPU usage without any visual improvements.
But if our phones are not powerful enough to render those 240 fps, then why even bother with that kind of display in the first place?

  • Anonymous

All of these look so dope... Would they kill them to release these in the west?
sigh... Japan always had the best phones, since the early 2000s.

  • Anonymous

Namelesss, 25 Sep 2019With all the phones you guys already have available in Indi... moreNot so lucky when you factor in per capita income.

3130mah? Wtf. Why even write about this poop? They should just have been silenced and ignored, till they will learn how to do it. Who wants a phone with 3 hours sot? Nobody.