Amazon unveils seven new Alexa-powered devices, including a smart ring and glasses

26 September 2019
The Echo Buds truly wireless earbuds feature Bose noise reduction. Also, the Echo Studio has five speakers, including a beefy woofer.

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  • Oliver Smith

The echo devices by Amazon are all powered by mediatek which is a pleasant surprise. The new design is great too

  • Spike

How hard would it have been if the speaker/charger supported 25W charging making it really useful and more people willing to buy it!?
Isn't weird that nearly till this day, No company that makes usb chargers outlets include really fast ones? Why do I need them if they are still lacking behind!?

  • Anonymous

The smartest ring I’d like to see is one that uses NFC or something similar to authenticate the user automatically when the phone is held, and lock it immediately when not.

I got to agree that some of these seem like a cool idea. The glasses for example. If you are someone that already uses glasses, these glasses can provide you a bunch of advantages with no real drawback.

At the same time, you cant just trust Amazon to not spy on your every move. They obviously will be gathering all your information and will use it either to sell more stuff or give it to the government to mark you as a potential threat.

Soon we will be married with Alexa, if not by consent, it will be by force. If you don't agree you are suspect.

  • Anonymous

Akinaro, 26 Sep 2019Yes, I need more devices that I need to charge every day th... moreThis!!!

And so they want us to be stalked everywhere, and obviously we should pay for that too.

I wonder if smart ring will be more durable than my Tungsten ring :P

  • Anonymous

Does anybody actually use voice assistants ?
After the initial fun, it just seems like a slightly weird gimmick. I don't feel comfortable talking to all these tech items, I'd rather type.

  • Anonymous

More invasion of privacy.

  • Anonymous

Looks a lot like one of those tracker devices you see in futurepunk Sci-Fi dystopias

Borris will be pissed :)

  • Carol

B0B, 26 Sep 2019do the glasses have bone conduction speakers?Youp, your bones become speakers.

do the glasses have bone conduction speakers?

  • /s

Great, now the walls have ears!

Anirudh , 26 Sep 2019They support Bose noise REDUCTION not Cancellation technolo... moreYou're right, I updated the article.

  • Anirudh

They support Bose noise REDUCTION not Cancellation technology. Noise cancellation is very proprietary technology to Bose, and they plan to launch a new pair 700 with them soon.

  • IceDree

Are people that desperate to stay "connected"? C'mon man, that's ridiculous & kinda pathetic.

Akinaro, 26 Sep 2019Yes, I need more devices that I need to charge every day th... moreWell, with the glorification of laziness...

Yes, I need more devices that I need to charge every day that also spy on every god damn move I make.

Because its DAMN hard to get your phone from pocket and say/check what you wanted...