Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G stock depletes instantly in first Chinese sale

27 September 2019
The most affordable 5G phone received a warm reception on launch day.

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  • 01 Oct 2019

Chinese to global , 30 Sep 2019can someone answer me please? if i purchased Mi9 pro 5G Ch... moreDepends, on the device, if the product has same hardware as compared to chinese rom then you can install global rom, there are 4G and 5G antenna changes, in chinese and global rom it might affect or brick devices, mi 9 pro 5G might launch with another name in overseas mi often does that. so its skeptical that it may or may not flash global rom.

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    • 3Jx
    • 30 Sep 2019

    can someone answer me please?
    if i purchased Mi9 pro 5G Chinese ROM , is it possible to flash the global ROM later , once it's out and released ??

    i really appreciate if someone can answer me , specially if he's Chinese . thank in advance

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      • 30 Sep 2019

      Xiaomi did it again. the most affordable 5G phone as of this moment... to other brands, beat that!

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        • 29 Sep 2019

        Not really surprised considering the price point and what you get, and coupled with the fact that the major Chinese Telco's are having promotions for 5g this month. Free 100Gb of data to play around with the 5g base stations currently set up.

        I pre-ordered mine and for 4300rmb you could get the 12gb edition with 512gb space. It's not too bad at all, especially considering the Huawei Mate 30 Pro will be around 7k rmb and doesn't come out for another month. They also give away 1tb of cloud storage, but I think that's China only, I'm not too sure. I played around with both and I reckon for everyday use the Xiaomi is fine, but the Huawei one definitely has the better camera, hands down.

          Let me fix this for you:
          "sold out" to resellers.
          Selling hype is easy these days. Just allow the bots do the buying! Or better yet - buy it yourself!

            Attitude adjustment, 28 Sep 2019So if Apple had sold out their devices, would you say they ... moreInstantly? Well yeah
            Apple has a record for selling a bit more than 10M iPhone 6s in one week. Thats almost 1,000 every minute.

            The point is, if these companies never say how many they actually sold, the range could go from one to thousands, making any number as valid.

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              • 28 Sep 2019

              i see the same mi 9 pro 5g (just the 5G bands) vs 9 pro and Mi 9.

              same RAM, same snapdragon. or whats the difference??

                Completely same phone with Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC or Apple brand logo on it would cost twice as much or even 3 times as much in case of Samsung or Sony and 4 times as much in case of apple.
                Just because of a brand logo.
                But even small kids know that even the most known brands are made in vietnam, kambodzia, china or taiwan etc. And from own experience i know they are not more quality or premium than any other usual fashion or other brand like xiaomi or adidas, nike etc.

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                  • 28 Sep 2019

                  dude111, 28 Sep 2019So, they made like a 100?So if Apple had sold out their devices, would you say they made a hundred of them 🤦

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                    • 28 Sep 2019

                    Again reffering to chinese prices when outside Chine the prices go up with a couple of hundred dollars/euros.

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                      • 28 Sep 2019

                      GSMArena Team, may I ask why you continue to insist on the 4G version of the Mi 9 Pro?

                      Hasn't even the CEO already confirmed there won't be one?

                        So, they made like a 100?

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                          • 28 Sep 2019

                          i mean this is what an s cycle upgrade should be. not just a processor + 3d touch.

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                            • 28 Sep 2019

                            Congratulation, Xiaomi.

                            You are the best, Xiaomi Redmi.