Oppo will offer 5G on all phones above $420 in 2020

27 September 2019
Devices supporting 5G are becoming cheaper and more accessible.

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Kobita, 29 Sep 2019niceNice

  • Kobita


  • MasEnha

The network not yet available here in Jakarta, only in simulated area. They said it will be too much investment when they still pursuing more profit from 4G+ (since the 4G investment was not cheap also). Also they need to build more extra towers for 5G which has narrower BTS coverage area.

That's a very interesting number ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Seems like Mediatek started to make 5G chipsets.

Hehe, 420

  • Anonymous

Well 420$ is midrange according to oppo

Thats a good move

  • Orange97

Thank God there are brands like OPPO and Xiaomi.