First Meizu 17 renders show off a curved screen design

29 September 2019
And pretty thin bezels too.

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Nova101, 25 Oct 2019Dude, i see the practicality and the intelligence of your design... moreIdeally you have two Selfie Cams. Since these are smaller sensors to fit in the Slim Bezel, having two is very useful. Here are the use cases:

1) Firstly, the dual cameras are overlapping ultrawide sensors where they work together to get much better Iris+Facial Recognition. This is used as a secondary means of unlocking the phone when the user fails to unlock with the fingerprint scanner whilst drawing the phone to their face. And it is used to unlock when your hands are dirty or occupied.

2) One Selfie acts as the Main Camera (depending on the orientation) and the other boosts image quality by using "AI-Image Processing" when taking a Selfie or Video Call. It also has another nifty trick in which the software can do better bokeh, measure distances, create 3D photos and videos, have better AR Support (eg Animoji's), and lastly stitch both images together live (like a panorama) so you get an Ultra-Ultra wide image.

3) Lastly, the rear of the phone will also have two overlapping ultrawide cameras. These are both identical Main Cameras, which also have a decent pupillary distance (8cm). So the rear camera also has access to the capabilities of the front camera. However, the software can actually use all four cameras (and four microphones) to stitch the image together, this gives you a 360' photo or video. So its a great tool to have ready in your pocket for live-streamers. Having these 360/VR/AR footage acts like a Time Machine, as for instance, you can capture your 5 year old daughter's birthday and 20 Years Later watch it back with a VR-Headset where it takes you back more intimately than a photograph or standard video.

Kangal, 30 Sep 2019There's a method to the madness. 1- Sony Ericsson used to do th... moreDude, i see the practicality and the intelligence of your design templates. I wish brands could follow this and stop jumping on senseless, gimmick oriented bandwagons.
I still don't understand the dual front cam setup though. Could you shed more light on that?

nahh, 30 Sep 2019Another fan of Overpriced phone brand..So what if im a fan of an over priced brand ..nobody sneers at someone who can afford to drive a ferrari instead of a mazda..incan afford the overpriced brand and im vry familiar with through years of using their excellent mobile device..stick to what you can afford and dont get bitter at us for being able to spend more for walhat we really desire

  • Krika

CptPower, 30 Sep 2019Looks like Samsung S8. Gosh i hate curved screens. They are ... moreExactly...Makes you wonder if the chinese vendors are not reading these pages at all..They have been keen to copy samsungs curved screen for the last years, without realizing that this is actually something that people hate using and dont really want. But make sure that they now finally are able to make them, they will spew them out in big numbers.. Hopefully people wont support it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2019S10 should have been like this, instead of annoying hole. You seem to be annoying. Punch hole is best and also water drop notch. Pop up may fail in future.

  • Faz

Why don't you review Meizu??

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 30 Sep 2019Looks like Samsung S8. Gosh i hate curved screens. They are ... moreDo not worry ..
All chinese brands will use this in 2020.

  • Anonymous

S10 should have been like this, instead of annoying hole.

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2019"Also placing USB-C and Headphone Jack in the middle of the left... moreThere's a method to the madness.
1- Sony Ericsson used to do this on their older Android devices. Placing it there makes it centre, which is good for symmetry and supporting the weight of the phone when it's docked. Also putting it on the left-side, means the side buttons on the right-side are now on the top of the Landscape Dock.

2-Other advantages for this, is that when you're using the device in landscape mode the cables are away from your hands. If using the phone in Portrait, the cables can also be away from your fingers depending on your grip. And if you need to grab with your left hand, just flip the device upside-down, now the symmetrical right-side buttons are now acting as symmetrical left-side buttons, with the charger/audio cables away from your grip.

3-The biggest advantage seems to be to remove the ports away from the top/bottom sides. This allows you to slide on a Left and Right JoyCon (a la Nintendo Switch) and play games. You can do so while using your headphones, or even charging, and having the convenience of proper tactile buttons.

Overall, my solutions solves a couple of problems that people haven't quite figured out yet.

  • Kuba

Pity GSM arena never review Meizu

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 29 Sep 2019- Meizu, put a copy/second Selfie Cam and Speaker on the bottom ... more"Also placing USB-C and Headphone Jack in the middle of the left-side," what?! No offense but that sounds really stupid lol.

  • Anonymous

I like the way they design their smartphones but their software updates are very slow or non-existent. Also, I don't like curved edges of any kind and waterfall screens are the worst variation of it.

  • faze

I've owned Xiaomi mi9SE, Meizu 16th, Huawei P10
Meizu 16: No root. Poor support outside china. poor battery life. VERY NICE high quality screen. no drop proof case support. Camera OK but not great. Little too big (6/6.1"). poor software update support.
Huawei P10: GOOD battery life. last all day. good size. poor software updates support. reliable phone.
Xiaomi Mi9SE best balance of 2 phones. Good battery life. Nice screen but Meizu was better. good software updates (android 10 released september). root support. support outside china.

Looks like Samsung S8.
Gosh i hate curved screens.
They are very fragille and no panzer glass holding on them and is freaking hard to push out all air bubbles.

  • nahh

mq, 29 Sep 2019proof that samsung is the boss,one day apple will join the curve... moreAnother fan of Overpriced phone brand..

  • Anonymous

Meizu is better than many companies out there

My 16th still doesn't have Pie. They shouldn't come out with any new phone until they update their old one.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2019I agree with almost everything except the bottom selfie. Ifbyou ... moreWell, you haven't considered the implications of the setup properly.

Having two selfie cameras means you can pick up a Video Call in either orientation (upside-down or upside-up). And it also means you can do 3D, which is actually useful for things like "Animoji" or "Facial Recognition". Plus, it means you can do much better ultrawide or panoramic shots with the front screen. And if you have symmetrical Rear Cameras, then you have a total of four cameras on different ends of the device, this means you can do (AR, VR, and) 360' Video Livestreaming... anywhere, anytime!

Using a pop-up camera or Flip camera isn't quite as symmetrical, and it introduces moving parts to a device that has to overcome daily stresses, so those solutions are out. The idea of having a mirror is interesting but its not quite useful for live/video. However, a second display might be acceptable. My qualms with having a second display are:
- it makes it more fragile (plus difficult and expensive to fix)
- it makes it more expensive (Bill of Materials)
- it forces the user to choose between two screens, where they have to compromise in one way or another. Examples; Watching a video? Front display is better quality, but speakers are quiet. Making a video call? Rear camera is used, with the rear speaker, but display quality is poorer.

Having said that, if you want to go for "Maximum Durability and Affordability" you could...
Make the front a flat 16:9 display with single monospeaker at the top that acts as an earpiece and a loudspeaker, make the sides and back out of something durable like Polycarbonate, and have a single rear camera on the back for photos/videos/selfies. To take selfies you would have a small display on the back like the Meizu Pro7. Fingerprint scanner would be on the back. Internal parts would be modular to the logic board/motherboard. And access to the internal would be much easier with the removable shell.
...No moving parts. Fewer internal components. Shock-resistive outer housing. Simpler design.
(but I kinda like my concept more, it feels a little more modern, even if its less durable and more expensive)

  • Nick

mq, 29 Sep 2019proof that samsung is the boss,one day apple will join the curve... moreYea same as the exact periods that ur putting on ur sentences

  • Anonymous

A formely good brand becomes a bad design marketing-clown pushing screen to body ratio. F*** you Meizu, cowards.