Huawei confirms 33 more devices scheduled for EMUI 10 beta

30 September 2019
Check out all the Huawei and Honor devices that are getting early access to EMUI 10.

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  • Barry Austin

I bought Huawei Nova 3i because they said they will give 2 firmware updates, turns out to be false. NEVER buy gonna Huawei phones again.

  • Anonymous

I think Nova 3i might be upgraded 10 version if the developers tried sincerely as well as properly. Since the mobile 4/128 gb, it should not be be ignored. Hoping resent steps to develop its more efficient service, I keep waiting.

  • Anonymous

Kabeer ahmed, 28 Jun 2020Sir when I got android 10 update Huawei nova 3Next year 2021.

  • Tang

no Android 10 for Nova 3i. no google services for the newest !!!!!!!!

  • Russ

I have made up my mind to never buy any Huawei phone. Their update schedule is really slow and poor. Nova 3 was promised 2 major updates but received only 1 and was not included in the emui 10 list.

  • Kabeer ahmed

Sir when I got android 10 update Huawei nova 3

I never buy huawei if nova 3i (emui 10)

  • Vijay

mayi, 03 Jun 2020I bought Nova 3 because Im expecting that it would do bette... moreThe Honor Play is my first and last Huawei device
The company does not care about customers. Why cannot they give Nova3 and Honor Play Emui 10?
They are just giving excuses regarding hardware.

  • mayi

I bought Nova 3 because Im expecting that it would do better interms of updating, that it would continueasly update..I only update it once to android 9 then the news is this? If huawei won't update nova 3 into android 10, ill swear I won't buy huawei phones again..

  • Jeron

Need the android 10 in Huawei nova 3e please

  • Z

Unhappy_customer, 19 Dec 2019P10 lite not on the list even for emui 9 It has 4gb ram 3... moreWhat about the p10 cos it got the update to 9. Will it get 10 also?

  • Bye Galaxy Note 7

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019My honor 8x Jsn-l23 is still on oreo lolWhat?

  • Bye Galaxy Note 7

A guy from Iran, 19 Feb 2020Nova 3 hardware limitation is a ridiculous excuse. Look how... moreThe only selling point of nokia phones is bulletproof.
(Canned Laughter)

  • Shivam

Need emui 10 in huawei p20 lite / nova 3e
Plzzzzz bring emui 10 in p20 lite

  • Ar250

all who wants emui10 for huawei nova 3.then just file petition

  • Ab

Huawei mate 10 also has kirin 970 as well as Huawei Nova 3 Also has kirin970. So why not for Nova 3? Please consider the Huawei Nova 3 also.

  • Krishnaik093

I had honor play and huawei nova 3 which i had purchased in a span of 6 months after knowing that these devices won't get the upgrade to EMUI10 I have got rid off honor play and now remaining is huawei nova 3 which I want to get rid of it now as soon as possible. So that I can move on from this company to some other brand

  • Matin2002

Please tell me is huawei p10 gonna get emui 10? it's an emergency!!!

  • A guy from Iran

Nova 3 hardware limitation is a ridiculous excuse. Look how Nokia devices recieve updates. First they completely shut down their service here, from cloud storage to even theme store and now according to US government Huawei somehow spying on people. I'm done with this.

  • Nirvan2301

No upgrade for Nova 3 to EMUI 10, no problem. Time to move on and choose a better smartphone provider. For example, Apple's iPhone. Apple would upgrade the firmware of their iPhones, irrespective if its old or new and at least they do not use "Hardware Limitation" as an excuse, like Huawei are doing right now.