Google Pixel 4 shines in an official-looking press render

01 October 2019
It's set to be unveiled on October 15.

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Why can't phone makers make the top and bottom bezels symmetrical??!!!

  • Djdsw

Curves is too large for me.

Glass back that isn't matte like the P3 had. Only 6 GB RAM when it should be 8 GB or even 12 GB. Only two rear cameras or one camera behind Apple who was behind LG, Huawei, and Samsung.

There is nothing new that this P4 is really offering. It makes me sad too because I'm Team Pixel. I just have to call it like it is.

  • Anonymous

with the huge top and bottom notch, they should have placed both speakers at the front!

That iPhone camera bumper design.... yucks.

  • Anonymous

I find the thick top bezel a weird choice. When I look at a phone, my eyes tend to go to the top of the phone first, so that the impression of the Pixel 4 is that it just has gone backwards to the days of giant top and bottom bezels. The smaller bottom bezel doesn't really make up for this, since I only notice it secondarily. Also, the way one tends to hold and interact with a phone, extra space at the bottom is less useful. The asymmetry also just looks weird and makes the phone seem top heavy.

I don't see why they couldn't have just put the motion sense sensor in the bottom and either had a larger bezel at the bottom and a very small one at the top. Or at least had medium size bezels on the top and bottom, like the Pixel 3. To me that would be both more functional and better looking. I also am not a big notch hater like many people. Especially a small cut-out just for the front facing camera (like on the Essential Phone) I think is fine.

I like the Pixel phones and use one myself. But Google just seems to always fall short on design. I still think the aluminum unibody, with the chamfered sides, on the original Pixel is the best Pixel design so far. It feels great in the hand. And it (mostly) lacks the pointlessly fragile glass back that is always a bad idea.

  • A Nonny Moose

I have a theory that Google don't care about their phone design and are not actually hoping to sell too many. Google is a software company first and foremost and they don't want to get too involved with hardware except perhaps smart speakers where you are feeding there servers data, but any android phone with the Google assistant will also feed there servers so phones aren't that important to them. The pixels were a good way to show off it's computational photography, just enough people buy it to prove it, now we have software marketable at the enterprise level with proof it works. This next pixel is about motion control, AI, live captions, project duplex...all software, sell a few pixel as proof it works and now they can market that at the enterprise level. We are not the customer that Google is targeting. We are just here to prove proof of concept. And lastly with selling their own phones, even in limited numbers when the Anti-trust brigade come a knocking they can say "Hey we are putting our software on our devices, but we are also sharing to any other company that wants is....unlike that closed off fruity company over there...go harass them."

  • XTR

Ah the pixel. The forever ugly duckling. The nexus line looks better. Google really need to hire designers, don't be stingy.

  • Phone User

Ugly as hell phone! Surprising that traditional tech giants like Apple and Google and producing such uninspiring industrial design products while companies from the East like Vivo, Huawei and Samsung are producing equally advanced tech, if not more, with better industrial designs.

  • Evan

People keep complaining about designs I don't know why people care about gimmicks so much I'm happy with good hardware I'm still using pixel 3 and I like the bezels more I rather have little bezels so I can use a case and screen protector good camera and software that's where apple win the quality they use not gimmicks they focus on quality and Google is going to that direction only some kids care about gimmicks and show offs alot of customers like me enjoy quality that's why I admire apple

Google could have a sales success if both the 4 and 4 XL undercut the standard iPhone 11 in price

"Google Pixel 4 shines", you mean looms.

Ugly and the specs are trash.

  • Rm

I think Google pixel and iphones make their phones exactly same design now days. I think this is some marketing strategies going on.

No problem with the design, but their camera only relies on software tricks again. No new main image sensor for years now. Boring and disappointing for such a high-end device and such a huge company. Hopefully it has f1.6 now as small advantage compared to Pixel 3.

  • Anonymous

Glad they dropped the notch!
Even though it's asymmetric, it looks way better than having screen horns or cut outs IMO.

  • Anonymous

If it's $650 for a 128gb version they have a winner

  • Anonymous

Google's hardware team is WAY too dependent on their software prowess.
I hope it atleast has a macro lens.

YUKI93, 01 Oct 2019People complain about the bezel or the forehead, but you know wh... moreAgreed

Moh, 01 Oct 2019OMG it's so ugly !! one of the biggest companies on earth doesn'... moreBezels are the least of their worries. Apple really has upped their camera game this year, and brought a nice design. Huawei have also, albeit with some caveats, brought a decent camera game. Those other devices, and Samsung, have also brought other stuff to the table. Google are counting in been the best camera on a mid ranged device. There is a real chance that their lack of effort elsewhere may bite them. Battery size and performance is not looking great on these devices. The screens, always a skimped area for Pixel devices, could also be problematic. Performance, you can bet that despite holding the keys to the candy shop, their software will be bug heavy. Then there is the release schedule, usually positioned too close to Black Friday. Bezels I can live with, on a device that ticks all the other boxes, on the pixels, they have bigger problems.