Call of Duty: Mobile now available for Android

01 October 2019
Featuring classic Call of Duty maps and online modes, including 100 player battle royale.

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  • kevols

PUBGM is now a trash and take it or leave it CODM is the most played battle royale as of now.

  • Coduser

Does anyone know why cod mobile does not have high graphics settings in huawei mate 9

  • Timmy

Call of Doody: Run for the loo

Shadocx, 02 Oct 2019Exynos or Snapdragon?Exynos

  • Affan

Although graphics and use of weapons is good, but cant beat PUBG mobile.

  • AnonD-819322

Expecting 0 FPS on my Lumia 925.

In past and on PC it wwas a great game now i am not sure.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Leave these kids dude.they wont understand what pubg is rea... moreSo we can't have game preference now? And we all want just one game in the industry and all others die? I say the more games, the better for us gamers.

  • Anonymous

Is it any good? I don't like how the sky looks in some screenshots it reminds me of the sky in some terrible unity 3d fan games

  • Lyubphim

Lyubphim, 03 Oct 2019Support will be added in a future updateI mean, support will be added on COD: Mobile, not in Octopus xD

  • Lyubphim

Hellsing2033, 02 Oct 2019Does anyone know how can I use my Xbox One controller?. I'v... moreSupport will be added in a future update

  • Durden_b

This is the best game i've ever played ev3n better than pubg

  • Hellsing2033

Does anyone know how can I use my Xbox One controller?. I've tried with octopus app but the game is not supported for the moment.

  • KF

Runs well on Kirin 970, 4GB RAM on medium settings. I ran it at high settings it was smooth but heated a bit so switched back to medium which is still good.

  • ela

i personally didn't feel it quite as good as pubg

ProJames-CHM, 02 Oct 2019mr.awesome or mr.nonsense or something like thatAh. I know who you’re talking about

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 02 Oct 2019Finally that troll from Phillipines will be happy that his ... moreWho are you referring to? Hahaha

  • Sadiqb

Dastan, 02 Oct 2019I'm using iOS device ;(It is available for iOS as well.

  • Anonymous

I hate it when in future update,it will become 2GB storage!! Then rip my storage after that.. T_T

I'm using iOS device ;(