Deals: Motorola One Zoom is €30 off in Germany with Amazon Prime

02 October 2019
Also, Amazon is offering Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact bundled with Sony WH-XB900N noise-canceling headphones.

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  • Anonymous

I got it with 30€ off - I would recommend a Pixel 3a if you want a smaller phone (and dont need tele) or Xiaomi mi9 rather than this if you ask me. I wanted to try something new and since I never had a motorola think I will stilll keep it. Cons for me are built quality and cameras. Theres much better cameras out there for the same money. Yet the phone has some nice features that many people wont need but maybe like: pixel 3-like vibration (it's that smooth vibration that usually only apple and google offer) - sweet looking amoled screen - quite nice battery - tele lens (which is not that good but nice to have) - a "glowing" M on the back (that only Razer and Asus offer, just not that goofy loking on the Moto) - in screen fingerprint that works like a charm - !Headphone Jack! - Android One-like UI (sadly no Android One) - quite potent night mode + several other camera options I barely seen on chinese phones - a different quite mate20-ish design that differs from any other 2019 phone - potent but mono speaker, it's really loud!. But ye, if you want more for your money choose xiaomi any time, that 4GB Ram is just weak...

Pretty good deals, ngl