"We always try to keep our prices as low as possible," says Apple CEO Tim Cook

02 October 2019
Cook also addressed competition of TV+ with Netflix, accusations of monopoly of the App Store and more.

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I believe Tim meant "we always try to keep our margins as high as possible"

thanks for the joke of the day, Tim

  • Anonymous

"We always try to keep our prices as low as possible,".

It would be more true if he'd said, 'We always pay as low as possible'.
Yes, people have already mentioned materials & labour, but don't forget taxes.

An EU court is hearing appeals against a decision to order Ireland to recover £11.5bn of unpaid taxes from Apple.
Apple Irish tax case appeal heard by EU court:

  • Lilian

The 1000$ monitor stand is just "as low as possible", you see...
And the 200$ Vesa Mount is also, "as low as possible".

  • Moj

I just came by to read comments just let me get some corn ready!

  • Anonymous

not sure that £1049 for a 64gb 5.8" phone with 4gb ram in 2019 is "as low as possible"

Oh im sure

  • Anonymous

lol, 03 Oct 2019you mean long black finger nail which i dunno how much dirt... moreYikes, they tap tap like a thud on the broken display

  • Anonymous

is this some kind of joke

  • Anonymous

Sure Jan.

  • lol

ExynosAMD MasterRace, 03 Oct 2019iOS is a girl OS, with pastel colors and girly look The ... moreyou mean long black finger nail which i dunno how much dirt underneath

  • Anonymous

“We always try to keep our prices as "low" as possible and fortunately we were able to "lower" the price of the iPhone this year”, said C(r)ook at the (C*)Apple Store, while one of his employees just charged a customer $75 for a $5 replacement charger. The customer said happily: "This is the best price at the best quality! I have used Apple devices for many years and i am never giving up on these until death do we part."

There, fi**d it for y*.

  • ExynosAMD MasterRace

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019Fuchsia OS will put an end to iOS girly OS domination. iOS is a girl OS, with pastel colors and girly look

The users are all teen girls and look like them, with long puke inducing finger nails

spoke from a company who sell a computer monitor stand for $999........

  • Anonymous

I wonder, if he is so delusional, that he firmly believes in what he says. Because this is quite a strong statement coming from a company selling charging cable for 25e which is actually way worse quality then the chinese one for 2e.

LOL and Tim knows only his apple fan boys will believe that bull...coz he's talking through his butt hole

  • Anonymous

This is the same Apple that charges $75 for a $5 replacement battery charger.

  • Matako-matiti

Mike9625, 03 Oct 2019Best comment seen on this section Ever. I'm curious, where ... moreloooool ...hahahahahhaha

If you are a vendor or supplier of Apple you would definitely believe since Apple squeeze every dime to ensure they get the job done almost FREELY (by forcing them to do 200% but pay them for 100% only!! Payment terms (how do you think you guys get free subscriptions for months, it is NOT Apple taking the risks, it their vendors with 6 months payment terms under almost inhuman working conditions.....no one going to complain when such companies go down the drains

Ha ha ha wharmt a joke. Typical lying son of a *****. I mean charge arm and legs for previous products and later than no one buys reduces few pennies and later brags entire year how tgey manage to reduce one model price, what an idiot