"We always try to keep our prices as low as possible," says Apple CEO Tim Cook

02 October 2019
Cook also addressed competition of TV+ with Netflix, accusations of monopoly of the App Store and more.

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To be fair, Tim said they are keeping the price of their phones as low as possible. Doesn't mean Apple will start to sell dirt cheap phones. But the remark does sound ambiguous.

  • Anonymous

Iphone X was $1000 in 2017.
Most of high end android still did not reach this price in USA.

  • Jaipal

Joke of the year.
Pro is 29k ($400) pricier in India than USA.
11 is just 14k ($200) pricier, why is there that much difference.
They are just pricing as much as they want.
May be to touch 1Lakh($1500) priced mobile.
They are trying to keep prices low... LMAO

  • Anonymous

Its true! they are trying to keep the price low.. but for themselves so they can have higher profit margin!

white lie!!

  • Carol

Shadocx, 03 Oct 2019The Galaxy Note 10+ is 1109,95 euros where I live and 1159,... moreOh, i see, you are quite a catch. Ever heard of doing business? Probably not. There are people that actually go to work everyday and are not payed this high (this is what the guy talks here, and there are many, that means, if apple want to sell more they need to lower the price to have more people buying) but you do not know what working is, most probably. Yo papa buys you the iphone... and ya call others broke? Sometimes i ask my self how can god endorse m'''s like you, really, is stunning.

LMAO I can't believe that I actually read this. Is the freaking most expensive brand in the smartphone world. What a cynical person!

  • Carol

Shadocx, 03 Oct 2019The iPhone 11 is definitely an upgrade over the XR, and cos... moreThere is complaining and just mocking. That guy was actually mocking Tim because well, Tim is a lier.

  • Carol

Next time apple should send a better lier, this guy's lies are so bad it actually pockes your eyes when you read them.... What a sad story mister CeO.

Decryption of what he said: "We always try to keep our specs as low as possible, and our profits as high as possible, and our i-sheeps as loyal as possible!"

BS, you always try to maximize profits that's all.

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019And what we must do? Clap for their overpriced hardware? Th... moreWow, nice essay, A+
So the only thing that interest you in a phone is the charging port and charging speed?

There you go, JerryRigEverything recommends buying this one.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 03 Oct 2019The iPhone 11 is definitely an upgrade over the XR, and cos... moreAnd what we must do? Clap for their overpriced hardware? They are selling their 800 euros cheapest iPhone 11 in their official store with a 5W charger in 2019 and a joke of specifications for the price. The slow lightning port is still there to force people pay their accesories and licenses, etc.

The only thing i watch "low" are the hardware and features they offer for the price. Not the price precisely. They are well known by analysts due to the high margin of profits they have, the biggest in the industry... So what he say is a big lie, less if it's the lower price their whales and shareholders allow to maintain their new ferraris and goods.

[deleted post]Since when you have to be millionaire to buy an iPhone 11?
Bruh. If you change phone ever 2 years, it's no big deal.
It is that hard to save 35 euros/month? You must be wasting money some where else...

  • Anonymous

Sounds like Tim Apple is taking a page from the Trump book of truth-telling.

  • Ripcord

Ha ha ha ha ha... this joke made my day!!! This from the people that came up with a $4k monitor and then charges another $1k for a stand... Ha ha ha ha.. that Tim! Funny fellow! Unable by miles to fill Steve's shoes!

  • Anonymous

Oh, Tim Cook must be joking. Can't remember anything cheap enough from Apple.

Haha,can't believe.We are not idiots, devices are very expensive, I had 6s when was 650€ new,but newer again. For 1000€ I can get flagships from another brand and summer vacation..

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 03 Oct 2019Honestly, I give 0 f*ck about Fuschia OS, IDK why people ke... moreFuchsia OS is the next biggest thing since the invention of the wheel, it's so tectonic shift so massive that it will shake the traditional landscape of devices.

Image your favourite apps on all platforms with seamless sync , yes iOS is somewhat seamless but if you have Spotify on iOS with homepod for example it can it play apple music and nothing other than it, transferring messages and photos and sync pause play between 3 devices is not ecosystem.

With Fuchsia is aiming for total domination with seamless connection beyween devices such as PC,Tablet,phones,Watches,smart display,tv, refrigerator,Oven,speaker,Security cam anything you name it,heck even toilet bowl

So far nobody has accomplished such deep integration but Fuchsia is going for it and it will definitely achieve it with 3-5 years.

This should be alarming for Apple, unless they have built a next gen fuchsia rival.

  • Anonymous

Nice joke, he should become comedian instead.