"We always try to keep our prices as low as possible," says Apple CEO Tim Cook

02 October 2019
Cook also addressed competition of TV+ with Netflix, accusations of monopoly of the App Store and more.

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  • Anonymous

iphone 11 pro max cost €1265 in europe and that's the 64gb. that's twice the minimum wage in half of europe.

  • Le bencho

This is a joke right?

RIP Apple

  • Anonymous

Steve's Reality Distortion Field is back! :D

  • Orange97

Apple: We always try to keep our prices as low as possible.

It's like a criminal saying: I will be kind wid da people!

  • six_tymes

Lmao! starting when, now?

Lol this gotta be a joke

Best. Statement. Ever.

  • Lol

Is he believes what he said?

"We always try to keep our prices as low as possible,"

So that's another thing Apple is doing a bad job of then haha ;-)

Whackcar, 02 Oct 2019lol Apple didn't become the first trillion dollar company by ... morei think they meant that they keep their manufacturing cost as low as possible xD

  • Anonymous

He didn't lie. Ask a vendor who does business with Apple. They low-ball the hell out of you to get their components as cheap as possible.
Buy low sell high

Welp, this is going to be a fun comment section

  • DXB

He is correct. The price of the iPhone 11 was the lowest price for the iPhone 11 😂

If cook wanted to have fun, at least he should have let us in on this long but boring joke.

"Cook doesn’t believe Netflix is afraid of Apple’s new service as video streaming isn’t a “winner takes all” deal – instead, many subscribe to several services and Apple wants TV+ to be one of them."

He's right. Solely because of those cursed exclusivity deals.

  • Mel

I'm sorry??? As low as possible or as high profit as high as the sky lol.

iPhone 11 pro start at 64gb for $1,000usd + 10% tax in ( US )
That is low.... Yes, low of gigabytes lol

  • Anonymous

This is ridiculous.
But until there are stupid people that pay 1000 dollars for crap they will try to sell it for even more money.
A smart buy for 200 - 300 dollars is everything everyone could ever use and keep using for at least 3 to 4 years

  • perpetual_cynic

LOL. I wish the claim in the headline of this article actually matched the execution by Apple

  • Anonymous

So, let me understand ...

Selling a iphone for more than $2200, ipad for $4000, imac for $6000 in some locations is not choice, but lack of it?
LMAO ....