65W Super VOOC charging and 90Hz Fluid Display teased for Realme X2 Pro

03 October 2019
It will have a Snapdragon 855+ SoC at the helm and feature 20x hybrid zoom.

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  • Yes I'm Right

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019Premium quality, Xiaomi and Realme? Lol. Their specs on pap... moreI guess you saw and experienced cheaper Xiaomi models... If you want to see premium quality in Xiaomi... See their Flagship series as I told K20/Mi 9T and in Realme.. See Realme X series.. X2 Pro will be as premium as Oppo Reno

If it stays cool and not throttle out performance I'm gonna buy it

  • Anonymous

andrehe, 03 Oct 2019There are motorized popup cameras like in the Asus Zenfone ... moreI wasn't asking for advice, I was replying to someone who doesn't like notches and they compared it to having a notch on the cinema screen

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019Cinema don't have selfie camera, tof , proximity sensors or... moreThere are motorized popup cameras like in the Asus Zenfone 6. If you want to do a selfie, you can use the main camera for it. If you do not want to do a selfie, it is not physically possible and you can be sure that it is not taken without your consent by a malicious app. Face unlock is not possible this way, but there are other ways to unlock the device. The 3D ToF sensor can be used to create 3D models of any object, not necessarily yourself.

  • Anonymous

Yes I'm Right, 03 Oct 2019F*ck 0ff.. One Plus... Realme is the the Going to replace O... morePremium quality, Xiaomi and Realme? Lol. Their specs on paper are very nice for their price but they will never offer premium quality for that price. I used Honor and looked at Xiaomi phones at a store and their build quality and feel is nowhere near S10 series.

  • levi

if this is 350-400$ I gonna buy this, if not gonna wait XD

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019I hope it will have nfc, ois & NO notchFinger cros fr popup selfie. Everything is perfct acordng to me.but notch is very very bad

Plz plz plz realme remove notch. Plzzzzz launch it with popup selfie plzzz. I hate notch

  • Anonymous

I hope it will have nfc, ois & NO notch

  • Yes I'm Right

F*ck 0ff.. One Plus... Realme is the the Going to replace OnePlus being the new "Flagship Killer" since OnePlus is not the same as it was before with current phones available at more than twice the prices of the initial phones of OnePlus... OnePlus is not relevant anymore...
Xiaomi K20/Mi 9T Series and Realme Flagship Series will be fighting for the Flagship Killer Status in the future... And in the markets where these two brands are available... Less and Even Less people would buy OnePlus... Only show off people will buy OnePlus... Those who want great devices offering premium quality and value for money will shift to Xiaomi and Realme Flagships...

OnePlus... You are only good for America.. Haha unless Xiaomi and Realme jump in

  • MasEnha

Endo, 03 Oct 2019Ah i dont like notchYes, and many people dont like the pop cam. Wait till submersive cam came out.

  • LLL

Of course it will come with a damm notch!! They are using common parts, i.e the 90Hz screen, across the brands under BBK.
OP7 Pro, Reno Ace, and this X2 Pro

Reno 10x Zoom prices should be lower by now, time to hunt for nice deals.

  • Myluvdebby

Hahahah.... People will have other options even before it hits India, Huawei, Xiaomi and other brands will make their move while Realme(oppo) will take considerable time to come ......Lateness will eat the market share of realme

  • Anonymous

RealNotch, 03 Oct 2019another f notch, DROPPEDyeah

  • Endo

Ah i dont like notch

  • Ddh

Ditch that disgusting notch

  • Richie

Boreas, 03 Oct 2019Hope they include OIS even if it means increase in price. F... moreYou are right

Hope they include OIS even if it means increase in price. Flagship without image stabilization will be just a pretender..

Oppo user, 03 Oct 2019Whats the point of having same phones in all sub brands opp... moreOppo strategy is doing product zoning.
Some are will got One+ (Europe, North America), some got RealMe (India, South East Asia).

  • Anonymous

reno ace rebranded ?