Oh So Orange Google Pixel 4 XL shown in renders

03 October 2019
The third Pixel 4 color features a pinkish look with a black frame and light pink power button.

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  • Hani

Americans have no idea how a good design should look like. Sammy is the best as allways 😂😂... my opinion!

someone, 03 Oct 2019that is not the only color you are forced to buy ... lmao still ugly

  • someone

notafanboy, 03 Oct 2019Front looks okay, that orange back however... Very uglythat is not the only color you are forced to buy ... lmao

  • Willy

Ugly Design.

  • Love the Community

Julian M, 03 Oct 2019If the rumours are true about the tiny battery and the high... moreTwo things happened to Google's phones. Inflation and Apple's influence over the phone design industry.

It'll be a financial suicide if Google decided to keep the >$400 price tag after so many years.

  • Julian M

If the rumours are true about the tiny battery and the high price tag, not sure what Google is smoking.

What happend to the excellent Nexus line of relatively cheap and solid phones since Pixels took over (which only seem to get worse every year) ?

  • Anonymous

Phone from 2015 with a large forehead and tiny 2800mah battery running Java emulator OS wants you to buy it for 999$

  • Anonymous

Ugly and expensive. Will flip.

  • Anonymous

sm4rt4ss, 03 Oct 20192800mAh....LOLYes, the battery size in insulting for such expensive phone. Horrible, dated design + laughable battery = no buy.


Kevin T, 03 Oct 2019The screens should have been bigger I would sayyou have 90% brands going with bigger screens and bodies..let the smart ones....have the right size...(google, apple and samsung). you have the xl if you want bigger....

  • Anonymous

Ugly top heavy bezels

  • Anonymous

Google comes up with oh such stupid names...

  • Anonymous

"oh so orange" is like a name taken from what a 4 yr old would say. Yuck!

looks cool ansd sporty

  • Anonymous

Sigh.. nowadays, all the front of the phone is one large piece of black. affected by iPhone's notches and overall design.

Look at phones long ago.. with bezels. White at least the front have white bezels too.

Now only paints the back cover orange. Hey Google, how do you call your phone "OH So Orange" when the front is BLACK??? .. Why not just say, "NOT SO ORANGE"????

notafanboy, 03 Oct 2019who cares about bezels?People who want a larger screen on a reasonably sized phone ?
Otherwise, no one

Oh so Google's hardware team is polar-opposite its software team. Good to know.

Front looks okay, that orange back however... Very ugly

alski10, 03 Oct 2019My S9+ has thinner bezels... As usual, Google Pixels late... morewho cares about bezels?