Report: Apple will launch iPhone SE 2 with iPhone 8 design and A13 chipset

03 October 2019
This lines up with a previous report about the same device, but we’ve been hearing this for a while now.

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  • Anonymous


  • Paddy

Se for me , but have Apple 🍏 lose me Now that is the question, Their service was good NOW DEPLORABLE

  • Anonymous

paulofly, 11 Nov 2019i still use the SE and may buy the bigger SE2 but.....only ... moreagree 100%..

Is it me, or does it sound like this is the iPhone 9 we never got, just with a different name?

  • paulofly

i still use the SE and may buy the bigger SE2 but.....only if it looks like the original SE!!!!!
It may be made from the iphone body but it should look like the original SE form factor!

  • Anonymous

small size the better.Any bigger phone may as well use a tablet

  • Suardana

Not Perfect, because the LCD Size is very small, I hope iphone SE2 using the LCD size 5.5" - 5.7".

  • Depanjan

I'm still using an iPhone SE. Will upgrade only if SE2 has a Touch-id and a small size factor.

  • Mario G

I have a 2018 iPhone 8 and a XR. I prefer the 8 due to the size. My wife has a Xs, still big and heavy. I will buy a smaller and lighter good flagship of any brand as soon and if available.

  • Mr911sman

The iPhone 8 body is cool but should use Face ID and there should be dual sim and single sim

Instead of using iPhone 8's body, they should use iPhone 7's body. Because there won't be any wireless charging in the SE 2 considering the price. Another thing to note is that the iPhone 7's body is definitely more durable due to metal chasis and body. And 7's body might be cheap to produce compared to 8's body. That way the price may go even low.

  • BoyGrafiX

I’m pretty sure it’s coming with midnight green colour just like how iPhone SE came with Rose Gold which was the new colour back than . If it doesn’t than it probably will come in one of the other new colours .

  • HeisenbonG

iPhone se 2, 06 Oct 2019iPhone se 2 will be Look like iPhone 8 100% . No iPhone x D... moreA13Bionic chipset not used 3gbram. 4gbram or high. SE 2, SE 2s, SE 2pro, prble: se2 4.7" 4gbram, se2s 5.5" 5gbram s2 pro 6.1" 6gbram.

Surely this should follow the design language of there current design but with lesser spec I don't see the point in backtracking to the 8

  • iPhone se 2

iPhone se 2 will be Look like iPhone 8 100% . No iPhone x Design or face id.
But i think it will have the camera of iPhone xr. And the front camera will stay the same as ip 8. just like they did on the iPhone se.
A13 /3gb of ram and just 200 mah more on the battery.

  • iPhone 8s

I saw this coming. Many fans don't like the post Apple 8 iPhones. An iPhone 8s with an A13 chipset makes a lot of sense if sold at an iPhone SE price.

  • BoyGrafiX

I think it would make a good back up/spare phone. However weather if I get one depends on weather it comes with an improved good battery life . I can envision an SE2 looking like iPhone 8 with A13 chip, 3GB of ram, improved battery life in new colours like the midnight Green with the Apple logo in the middle with a starting price of $349. If so than I’ll consider 😎

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 04 Oct 2019Man you know that is not true. Apple doing this because t... moreWait for SE2 if Chinese brands will see success from sales then they will copy it for sure and will add it to their "mid range" phones. I have a 20/20 vision to the future this will happen in 2020 next year, and you as well will always say bad things about Apple of course nothing change of that.

  • Ravichandra

Please improve battery life

iPhone SE 2 must be a 21:9 Display, that is the new compact size. Please Dont make 16:9/18:9 brick.