Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro show up in a store in Romania

04 October 2019
This is only the second country outside of China to receive the Mate flagships after Malaysia.

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wasox, 05 Oct 2019You are really short sighted if you think that china is the... moreI hope the free citizens of Hong Kong get what they want. The Chinese authoritarian regime already started shooting protesters with live ammunition, sad. It's going to be like Tiananmen Square all over again.

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[deleted post]"US is a dangerous country a rogue country that always violates international law," that's rich, coming from a German. And China doesn't violate and take advantage of international laws, right?

  • Anonymous

JohnnyBgoode, 05 Oct 2019I agree. It's unfair that most balme Americans for all that... moreRight. In the end we simply don't care, Apple and Samsung flagships dominate the market here and for good reasons. I'm perfectly fine with my OnePlus smartphone for now. Although, I do plan on upgrading to the newly redesigned iPhones when they arrive late next year.

  • Anonymous

Vasra, 05 Oct 2019Insanely overpriced. Will inflate fast like an overblown p... moreWhat a joke indeed. The prices of their smartphones will fall faster than LG's once more and more people become fully aware of all the facts you stated.

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Awwww, 05 Oct 2019Your statement is completely wrong. How can Android end? If... moreExactly lol. Why haven't they transitioned to HungMeng OS yet?

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[deleted post]Only one problem: those apps don't sync with each other lol. If you like doing things the hard way or like inconveniencing yourself then by all means, go right ahead.

That site is renowned for importing Chinese phone variants, just to try to beat other retail prices for the European models...
So that's just price for the over inflated Grey market in Romania

  • Spying is bad

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2019But I thought that Google does it for your own good , to he... moreNope, it's definitely not "for your own good".

Google creates user profiles, as detailed as possible, from your search history, Chrome browsing history, YouTube history, Maps history, your calendar entries, the contents of your mails etc. They then sell these user profiles to the advertising industry, for tailored ads, or whoever else wants then (NSA, or anyone else who wants a profile of you).
This creation and sale of user profiles is Google's MAIN business model, and it's so profitable for them, it generates them more money than everything else they offer (e.g. Google ads, Google Pixel smartphones etc.) *together*.
Also, because this is their main source of money, they cannot and will not stop doing this! So they will happily continue spying you, every step, every inch of your life, using your privacy as toilet paper to wipe their ass.
The new privacy settings, and their privacy statements they were forced to make, are just empty words. They just delete stuff from your device, but it's staying on their servers, indefinitely, and there's nothing you can do about it - other than not using any Google spyware in the first place.
If Google suddenly started respecting your privacy, and stopped creating those user profiles in order to sell them, they would cut themselves off from their main source of money, and quickly go out of business.

The Chinese aren't spying on you like Google does, because they're not making any money from collecting your data and selling it, like Google does. That's why Chinese companies are more harmless by far than spy king Google.

  • Mog

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2019On Huawei phones you can't install Google AppsThat's not really true, simply GMS isn't on the system, instead HMS is. But you can quite easily enable GMS without too much hassle (if you're determined to get access to Google's garbage...).

  • XTR

[deleted post]China benevolent? That's a good joke. Kudos to the guy who said that.

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HxH, 05 Oct 2019 moreHuawei's blockage was about its 5G towers, there is no US documents/media stating problem with its handset anyway. The whole entity thing was due to Huawei as an organization; hence affecting its phones. The other Chinese companies are also under scrutiny, there are quite a few of them, just your news didn't make a big ripple out of it, otherwise, it will backfire even harder.

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Awesome, 05 Oct 2019Thanks for pointing out that there are a lot of great, and ... moreBut I thought that Google does it for your own good , to help you as they say !?
There is no way to know that the Chinese counterpart won’t do the same , or is there ?
Just have to wait and see , right !?

  • Awesome

[deleted post]Thanks for pointing out that there are a lot of great, and much better, alternatives to that bloated Google spyware. Seriously, you're much better without Google spyware which spies on your every move.

For creepy details on how far Google is spying you out and tracking your every step:

1. Google stores your location (if you have it turned on) every time you turn on your phone, and you can see a timeline from the first day you started using Google on your phone.

2. This is every place I have been in the last twelve months in Ireland, going in so far as the time of day I was in the location and how long it took me to get to that location from my previous one.

3. Google stores search history across all your devices on a separate database, so even if you delete your search history and phone history, Google STILL stores everything until you go in and delete everything, and you have to do this on all devices,

4. Google creates an advertisement profile based on your information, including your location, gender, age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship status, possible weight (need to lose 10lbs in one day?) and income.

5. Google stores information on every app and extension you use, how often you use them, where you use them, and who you use them to interact with (who do you talk to on facebook, what countries are you speaking with, what time you go to sleep at).

6. Google stores ALL of your YouTube history, so they know whether you're going to be a parent soon, if you're a conservative, if you're a progressive, if you're Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, if you're feeling depressed or suicidal, if you're anorexic...
9. Your calendar, your Google hangout sessions, your location history, the music you listen to, the Google books you've purchased, the Google groups you're in, the websites you've created, the phones you've owned, the pages you've shared, how many steps you walk in a day...
21. Here's the search history document, which has 90,000 different entries, even showing the images I downloaded and the websites I accessed (I showed ThePirateBay section to show much damage this information can do).

22. Here's my Google Calendar broken down, showing all the events I've ever added, whether I actually attended them, and what time I attended them at (this part is what I went for an interview for a Marketing job, and what time I arrived at).

23. This is my Google Drive, which includes files I EXPLICITLY deleted including my resume, my monthly budget, and all the code, files, and websites I've ever made, and even my PGP private key, which I deleted, which I use to encrypt e-mails.

That's just a short excerpt, read the link for the full thing on how Google is spying on you - and still, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The apps mentioned are all very good, especially Yandex disk is awesome.
Google maps is one of the absolutely worst Google apps, quality wise, and the one with the most competition, and most alternatives are much better: Yandex maps is great, is another great alternative, then there's Here and many others.
Same goes for the rest, there are lots of alternatives, much better ones at that, and they don't spy on you and track your every step like Google does.

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Romanian citizen, 05 Oct 2019Guess wrong! We are using Google services as well as Apple.... moreOn Huawei phones you can't install Google Apps

  • Cristi_bv

Romanian citizen, 05 Oct 2019Guess wrong! We are using Google services as well as Apple.... moreThey meant the phones will not have Google services.

[deleted post]You are really short sighted if you think that china is the benevolent entity here...

  • Romanian citizen

Hey you, 05 Oct 2019Guess people don't use Google services in Romania as well.Guess wrong! We are using Google services as well as Apple. We have one of the world's fastest Internet speed in the world and best IT engineers!!!!

  • Anonymous

That online store is known in Romania for selling chinese versions of the phones with flashed OS or chinese version OS with google services added with limited bands, sometimes half of the software in chinese when selected english language and no support after sales.
Of course the Mate 30 they sells are the chinese version.

[deleted post]Far as i know, Flickr app is down for last few months. Didn't go into details why, but is officially removed from Play Store by Google. Reason? app was not Flickr official or problems with security.

  • Cos

I am from Romania,avoid this store,,they are unreliable,warranty is a joke.They bankrupt their old firm but kept the domain...don't touch their stuff