Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro show up in a store in Romania

04 October 2019
This is only the second country outside of China to receive the Mate flagships after Malaysia.

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  • Anonymous

That online store is known in Romania for selling chinese versions of the phones with flashed OS or chinese version OS with google services added with limited bands, sometimes half of the software in chinese when selected english language and no support after sales.
Of course the Mate 30 they sells are the chinese version.

Kifu, 05 Oct 2019Yes your right about Amazon photo i forgot about amazon prime. B... moreFar as i know, Flickr app is down for last few months. Didn't go into details why, but is officially removed from Play Store by Google. Reason? app was not Flickr official or problems with security.

  • Cos

I am from Romania,avoid this store,,they are unreliable,warranty is a joke.They bankrupt their old firm but kept the domain...don't touch their stuff

HxH, 05 Oct 2019 moreI agree. It's unfair that most balme Americans for all thats been happening with Huawei. OnePlus, is doing well, & one can import Oppo or Xiaomi in US if they want. So it's not China Vs US, but more of a Huawei thing.

  • Anonymous

If u need to spy on someone's ,,, use this phone for sure!

Hey you, 05 Oct 2019Guess people don't use Google services in Romania as well.It's no difference.
We use them as most other countries.
But , in Romania piratery is in our culture so we'll install them in unorthodox ways for sure.

Definitely Huawei knows the market so we will install google's service and teach others than it's possible to own a huawei phone after the US ban :)

  • pajson89

bring it to Europe fast . im laughing at these comments no Google apps

  • Chris

First of all, they don’t have the phone in stock. This means that they’ll honor orders by forwarding them to the local Huawei distributor.
Second, and most dangerous, they fail to specify that there’s no GPlay apps nor can you install any on the phone. This is just a ticking time bomb, for those a-holes from Quickmobile (had a lot of warranty issues with them, had to appeal Consumer Protection and eventually, a lawyer to get them to respect the terms of our contract).

So yeah, this is not an official distribution of the Mate 30 series in Romania.

HxH, 05 Oct 2019 moreWhat crap are you spewing? The report talks about 5G equipment. This is smartphones we are talking about here. Plus, Finite State is based in Ohio. US bans Huawei, and you consider a report from a US company "independent". Lololololololol.

Your intelligence really shines.

Guess people don't use Google services in Romania as well.

Insanely overpriced.
Will inflate fast like an overblown pancake.
For a phone that fails SafetyNet and can't run GApps.
What a joke.

a simple dude, 04 Oct 2019The phone itself is good and pretty but a bit overpriced for the... moreYoutube can be opened from any browser, did you know?

Awwww, 05 Oct 2019Amazon photo can be alternative app but its not better. First of... moreU must be joking? I see ur point, but it's just more American junk, but even worse in my world. Then it would be finished doing lots of things with my own phone... No thx. Don't want a kids OS.

  • HxH­lf-its-kit-has-at-least-one-potential-backdoor/

I am going to leave this here as a living proof that all Huawei fans like to live under a rock and throw hate on Google and the USA just because Huawei (a multi billion dollar corporation) gets banned for a while.

and please, dont come here to reply with that German IT news, that shit is old (December 2018), this one is from this year. Independent investigations are up with results, in case someone stills believes the USA is making up stuff.

Just think a little bit: Oneplus (BBK conglomerate), Xiaomi, and even UmiDigi are sold in the USA without any issue. Why do you think they let those in without any problem and then they block Huawei? They are all Chinese companies after all.

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2019I currently live in North America. How do I get this phone?? No ... moreYou can buy it from­6419.html?wid=1433363

Awwww, 05 Oct 2019Amazon photo can be alternative app but its not better. First of... moreYes your right about Amazon photo i forgot about amazon prime. But there is another one,
Flickr and it offers a massive 1TB of free cloud storage. If people spend sometime and search a bit they can find some great alternatives. But i do not recommend uploading your personal photos on app cloud storage wether its google, apple, amazon or Flickr...

  • Anonymous

elbot1234, 04 Oct 2019wow, 1000+ dollars for a phone that doesnt have google play serv... moreBackdoors? Can you state one? If you can't then don't bother to reply.

Kifu, 04 Oct 2019You have alot of great alternatives to google apps, here to name... moreAmazon photo can be alternative app but its not better. First of all, you need prime memberships otherwise it's only 5gb. Secondly, I think it only does photo not video. Tell me an app that let you upload unlimited photo and video for free. Maybe there is one that I dont know. But the point is why spend $1000 for a phone that you have to tinker around for it to work. Go buy an iphone then it work right out of the box if people dont like Google.

BigDisplay, 05 Oct 2019I will buy it my self when it will be official sold in Denmark i... moreYour statement is completely wrong. How can Android end? If Android end then there is no Mate 30 for you to buy lol.

  • Anonymous

I currently live in North America. How do I get this phone?? No google services is what I desperately want. I wish android didn't have forced google apps installed....