Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro show up in a store in Romania

04 October 2019
This is only the second country outside of China to receive the Mate flagships after Malaysia.

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Baykko, 04 Oct 2019It would be nice if someone made a list of what popular app... moreI suggest don't bother thinking about it. Its completely useless without google services. I don't use any social app. I only use youtube, gdrive (very important bc it synced data from alot of apps), and photo (free unlimited backup photo & video). That's the only 3 google apps I use nothing else. I cant live without those apps. Believe it or not there is not better alternatives.

This phone is dead since it was born. Nobody talks about their awesome camera or its great hardware ... they only talk about the absence of Google apps, and nowadays and in Europe they make it useless to sell it.

It would be nice if someone made a list of what popular apps can be installed into the phone. I'm not much into social media but I do check Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from time to time. I'm also not much of a gamer but it would be good to know what games require Google play services and which ones not so people can decide if they can truly live without the Google services suit or not.

The phone itself is good and pretty but a bit overpriced for the lack of Google Apps. I can get rid of most Google apps but YouTube and Google Photo no...

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elbot1234, 04 Oct 2019wow, 1000+ dollars for a phone that doesnt have google play... moreIts not thier fault for not having google apps on thier phone. Blame mister orange.
Google apps are malware/spyware anyways who would need that on thier phones?
Im from Germany can't wait to get this phone. Support from me!

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The store imports them from china just like they do with other brands, it's not official, Huawei doesn't sell those phones in EU.

wow, 1000+ dollars for a phone that doesnt have google play services and has backdoors. That s a new level of scam people ! LOL

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I would not recommend buying from that store. For most of the Chinese brands, they usually sell phones with the chinese ROM installed. Lots of chinese bloatware, chinese keyboard and lack of updates.

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that's just next to me, I am in bulgaria
yes please!
closer mate30pro! closer!

$1000 floater, coming right up.