Motorola fan page posts unreleased Moto phone with pop-up selfie camera

04 October 2019
It also has an illuminating Motorola logo and dual rear cameras.

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  • Anonymous

Moto moto moto..... Please improve your 4 besic things

1)improve RAM
2)improve BATTERY
3)improve DISPLAY
4)improve CAMERA
because recently (mi, oppo & vivo) have bring on market too much better mobile at very low prices. And samsung also captured also market. Now copare then other mobiles moto is very poor.

(sorry for bad comment, sadly to say I am also a moto user, but I can't find better mobile in MOTO brand. Thats why I can't purchase mobile, my model is MOTO G4 PLUS) I think moto Will be improve their common fault.......

  • Anonymous

Hello motorola, no need a lot of range, just the one with new technology to describe geek fans, no need cheap just bring new and keep tht top quality

  • Mihai

It;s written on the back Motorola One, so it looks like a One not a G, still waiting for an awesome Z that can put up with iPhone 11 and P30 Pro

  • Anonymous

Maybe this is next G8?

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2019Thats shocking news ! Not about the phone, but that there a... moreMotorola is the second highest selling brand in latin America

  • Zero

I see...
Moto One with Exynos processor
Moto Z with Snapdragon one

  • xmarijan

Camera bump in the back lacks elegance in in the design.

the phone is definitely pretty. Depending on the price and specs I might consider getting it.

  • IBATHUr Rahman

Hi please make latest processor I like very much Motorola I am moto fan

Ooooh I want this.

  • Anonymous

Thats shocking news ! Not about the phone, but that there actually exists a Motorola fanclub

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2019Umm it's the brand that has been making phones for the long... moreA couple or a dozen fan sound about accurate..

It's probably a Moto G8. Good to see no notch/punch-hole, but still for me in the recent years the only phone in the Moto G lineup worth considering is the Plus model.

How about the motorazr?

  • Anonymous


  • Indian

Good to see no Notch :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2019 Motorola has a fan page??!Umm it's the brand that has been making phones for the longest time. It's bound to have a couple or dozens of fans

Has to be next year's Moto G 8.

just deliver RAZOR FOLD fast,nobody gives a damn about your other phones

  • Anonymous

Motorola has a fan page??!