Galaxy A50, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Xcover 4S are going to get monthly security updates

08 October 2019
For the A50, it's just making official what was already going on.

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A50, 08 Oct 2019Seriously.... Mine is in still August Security patch.... S... moreA50 Bangladesh version has gotten update bro..

    samsung a70 is underatted compare to a50 which is a super star midranger .... samsung a70 is bigger , marvelous battery capacity with super fast charging support ... better processor (snapdragon) than exynos although samsung and qualcom built newly snapdragon 675 which is super efficient ... i was gonna purchase a50 before ... but the variant available in middle east was 4gb/64 gb too pricy .... i went for a70 due to 6gm / 128 gb and better gpu......

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      • Anonymous
      • 3iR
      • 09 Oct 2019

      I think the A70 deserves to have monthly updates too. It has less sales than the A50 but it's more expensive. It should be treated as an upper mid range device, which should get updates regularly.

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        • AnonD-558092
        • Yd6
        • 08 Oct 2019

        Good to see a device get promoted to monthly instead of demoted to quarterly.

          A50, 08 Oct 2019Seriously.... Mine is in still August Security patch.... S... moreYeah A50 need an update to fix the battery problem as i get about 9 hrs screen time but it is so good to see A50 in monthly update list as it is so important .......

            The flag of A50 is up .

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              • 08 Oct 2019

              As an owner of A50, i’m feeling being blessed by Samsung. My mum’s A5 2017 surprisingly also gets monthly updates. Majority Android midrangers quickly be forgotten by OEMs.

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                • 08 Oct 2019

                Seriously.... Mine is in still August Security patch....
                Samsung needs to behave equally with all of its customer. I'm from Bangladesh... A50 battery sucks.... 5- 5.30 hours SOT only...