Caviar introduces new iPhone 11 Pro design, gets rid of the square camera setup

08 October 2019
The shooters are still there but surrounded by precious metals such as gold, silver or bronze.

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  • 14 Nov 2019

This toy is not for tom and jerry

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    • Caviar
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    • 14 Nov 2019

    Thanks Caviar, that's really a great improvement over the very bland iPhone designs.
    Removing that ugly rectangle around the camera is a great idea.

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      • 13 Oct 2019

      AnonD-731363, 12 Oct 2019Would like to see Jerryrigeverything testing. Yes but he will pay alot

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        • SH3
        • 12 Oct 2019

        Would like to see Jerryrigeverything testing.

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          • fC{
          • 10 Oct 2019

          Anonymous, 09 Oct 2019are you in the zoo?Yeah try to lock u inside the cage lol

            how can it be soo expensive that actual iphone 11 pro starting at 999USD where doesn the people afford it apparently and where in they buy this in India

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              • 2Au
              • 09 Oct 2019

              Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019Still ugly thoughare you in the zoo?

                Football players would be rolling with these. Heck I would too!

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                  • sUS
                  • 09 Oct 2019

                  The camera still looks like a tarsier

                    Lol, really... What a comedy.

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                      • 09 Oct 2019

                      Review this caviar edition gsmarena😄

                        Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019The upcoming Mi mix Alpha has a titanium frame. Good look paying $2.800 for that glass bottle phone. If I had the money to buy that id prefer save a little more and buy the titanium IPhone.

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                          • 08 Oct 2019

                          Baykko, 08 Oct 2019Of course Apple wouldn't release a gold and diamonds or tit... moreThe upcoming Mi mix Alpha has a titanium frame.

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                            • 08 Oct 2019

                            Much better look...

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                              • 08 Oct 2019

                              Note9 User, 08 Oct 2019I bought my wife one of these, it's too heavy to use on the... moreyes

                                I don't think the iPhone 11 Pro looks that bad. I do think it could look better, but it's nowhere NEAR as ugly as everyone says it is in my opinion.

                                I also prefer to the iPhone 11 Pro's rear to the Pixel 4's. Again, my opinion. It's sad to see so many people on the internet (including you, ishreal) shove their opinion around like it's law.

                                Bad design is an opinion, period.

                                  Of course Apple wouldn't release a gold and diamonds or titanium IPhone but why cant they release an metal-glass iPhone that looks this good? Just look at the titanium IPhone. a finish like that can perfectly be achieved with the regular materials yet looks much better than the plain looks they use and many other OEMs.

                                  They simply don't try.

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                                    • pt020
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                                    • 08 Oct 2019

                                    Cover with plastic diamonds ... exactly what in need to fit my ladies iWatch.

                                      The most expensive one doesn't support wireless charging..?

                                        [deleted post]Oh come on, almost everyone thinks that the iPhone camera array is terribly ugly (anyone with any sense of design at least) and prefers the Pixel 4 camera square to it. Don't be an Apple sheep. Bad design is bad design, period.