Instagram rolls out Dark Mode across iOS and Android

08 October 2019
The feature will be toggled automatically after you update if you've turned on dark mode in device settings.

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  • AMEEN Gull
  • uZa
  • 14 May 2020

I was looking for her from about two years. because darkness mood stay safe for that are a good Tiding for me

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    • Anonymous
    • vxs
    • 09 Oct 2019

    zodiacfml, 09 Oct 2019nice but too late. i've been asking this for years but use... moreyou're not the one they will wait to release the theme

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      • Anonymous
      • JA%
      • 09 Oct 2019

      ABHI ON MARTIAL, 09 Oct 2019When does the instagram gets the dark mode for android user... moreJust buy an iPhone dude. LOL

        nice but too late. i've been asking this for years but users barely post in the newsfeed these days, more on stories.

          When does the instagram gets the dark mode for android users ?like people here with android were much awaited to see the launch of dark mode in the android platform

            Working fine in Redmi Note 5 Pro
            MIUI version 10.3.2

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              • Anonymous
              • Y7u
              • 09 Oct 2019

              I'm too lazy to check right now on my OnePlus 6T, maybe later lol.

                Not working on OnePlus 7, on Android 9 Pie

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                  • SJV Techs
                  • XU$
                  • 09 Oct 2019

                  Is this the beta update or has it been official. And if official how to enable it

                    Misfit2Fields, 08 Oct 2019Must be delayed, hasn't kicked in for me yet.Is your Instagram app updated?

                      Prototype, 08 Oct 2019Nope, Still don't have it Update Instagram.

                        Chamidu Fernando, 08 Oct 2019Ho to Anabel dark mode.Just update Instagram in the play store.

                          Received it on Galaxy S9+. Asia

                            Ho to Anabel dark mode.

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                              • Ash
                              • Dkd
                              • 08 Oct 2019

                              Finally !! Updated just now..looks cool

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                                • Anonymous
                                • r3a
                                • 08 Oct 2019

                                Seen on iOS. I like Apple 🍏

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                                  • Dante
                                  • SnL
                                  • 08 Oct 2019

                                  Hi Dark Mode!
                                  Bye following tab...

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                                    • Bro
                                    • fpr
                                    • 08 Oct 2019

                                    Yeah. I recieved it just now. On Samsung Note8

                                      Still don't have it

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                                        • JustTriedDarkMode
                                        • YMn
                                        • 08 Oct 2019

                                        Didn't work on OnePlus 5. :(