Essential founder Andy Rubin shows tall and narrow upcoming phone with color shifting back

09 October 2019
It's one of the weirdest designs we've seen in a long time.

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  • Hmm

[deleted post]Awesome I'm buying six of them.

Can't wait for the bend test. Also, it would stick out of the pocket too much, but I don't suppose anyone would want to steal it.

Oppaii, 09 Oct 2019How am I suppose to play with this?Simple: You like lame games like forts at night? That device would let you play without your thumbs or commands obstructing your view.

Hey Andy, Andy Rubin Sony was calling they want their remote back.

Walter C. Dornez, 09 Oct 2019This is the dumbest thing I've ever seenMaybe it's meant to fold in half, like that Moto Razr concept?

This could be a smart way to get hype started whilst keeping the most important thing a secret until actual announcement/pre-orders.

Long phone is long.

It's interesting that phone makers are experimenting with different formats, but this one seems rather impractical. Any kind of content that doesn't scale well (photos, videos, many websites, games, PDFs, comics, etc) would be very uncomfortable to view on this phone.

LightSaberPhone, 09 Oct 2019Ha ha ha, I still using a 16:9 phone so every phone that ha... moreGod bless old 16:9 screens

Hold my remote control

  • Anonymous

probably inspired by this:

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2019DOA. Dont at me. Way too long with no way of folding, ca... moreYou're delusional.

  • Anonymous

Screen is 36:9

How am I suppose to play with this?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2019This looks super nice! interesting form factor tooIn my opinion this form factor is is too stretched for multimedia (watching videos, gaming, or even viewing photos), this will put off many people.

  • gringo

We make dumb phone, it's the essential !

T M, 09 Oct 2019Sony: Introducing our new remote control long phones And... moreXiaomi: Where's my f'kin beer???


Well... I don't hate it. It seems like it's not that much taller than other smartphones these days, and it's basically half in width. Not sure how comfortable would it be to use in real life though.

  • Anonymous

OMG! Really? Looks like April fools day joke :). A bad one.

  • 16:9

It's funny to see people laughing but most of them use 19.5:9 aspect ratio phones which are already too tall. Bring back 16:9 phones!

a true remote control phone after all

  • Anonymous

DOA. Dont at me.

Way too long with no way of folding, cant even put it in your pocket.

No one is gonna carry that around