Google is reportedly working on a 5G Pixel

09 October 2019
A test production is underway in China, but the mass production will likely leave the country to skirt the trade war.

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Fitbri, 11 Oct 2019micro sd curd capacity be nice or just bigger memory gosh I... moreAnything if it's a larger memory it's fine or is expandable with an sd is also fine but you can't tell me that it is ok for Google not to expand the storage for 5 years. In 5 generation(6 if you consider 3a and 3axl an generation) of Google phones the maximum storage has been 128GB from the time of nexus 6p

But if Google brings a 512gb internal storage or even a 256gb later this year then I'll buy the pixel 4 or 4xl doesn't matter which one because I'll have all my data directly in my hands doesn't matter if I'm looking for a photo or video of years ago or if I have bad or no reception. But they won't because the want to collect data from you by putting everything on their servers like I said in my previous post

Most people want 5G coming earlier because they can effort 4G phone and cheaper internet packages.

AbdulSamad, 10 Oct 2019I only want to use google photo as a backup but i will not ... moremicro sd curd capacity be nice or just bigger memory gosh I almost recall when laptops were not all that bigger in on board memory

  • Michał W&am

5G is a gimmick - with limited range and availability it will hardly have any impact on how people use phones. 4G speeds are already more than a person using a phone needs.

Pixel 3 camera quality is better than Galaxy S10e, but the battery endurance is mediocre, hopefully Google can find a way to improve the battery endurance, for me the ideal battery endurance suggestion is around 90h refer from the Gsmarena's battery endurance charts. Keep moving forward.

Fitbri, 09 Oct 2019storage is fine plus you get google photos so it doesn't al... moreI only want to use google photo as a backup but i will not always internet or slow internet on my phone to see my pictures or videos in Google photos for example when I'm travelling not every country has good internet connection and I also don't want to wait for my pictures or videos to load I want them directly

And if you use Google photos you either lose some quality because they compress the picture and videos to a lower quality or you have to pay a monthly subscription

And finally the 64gb or 128gb storage for a phone of 800 euro in this age and time is an excuse for Google to collect more data from you by forcing you to use Google photos especially 64gb

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2019Pixel prices usually drop really fast in my experience, I p... moreYeah, it makes me cringe when someone buys a newly released Android phone at launch. They’re clearly ready to sell the device for much less and would, except that they take advantage of Apple’s set high prices, whilst also making their phone seem more premium

  • Anonymous

Crap with low storage and low features, the cloud is the plague burning your data plan. And the worst, giving Google rights of your uploaded data, photos... good luck with that!

AbdulSamad, 09 Oct 2019It might have 5g but it will still only have come with 64gb... morestorage is fine plus you get google photos so it doesn't all have to sit on the phone

5G isn't even possible and even if it was, almost NO carriers have it. stop with the clickbait lies

  • 5T

Just wait till next year, when all mid or even entry level phones will get a 5G modem... It's not the time to by overpriced new technology...

AnonD-241270, 09 Oct 2019Pixel should do another design, since that almost copy/past... moreGo to work and u will be able to buy a proper phone ; till then ; keep your cheap junk and stop crying. The pixel design is nice and it doesn't copy any phone ; its just a square camera ; get a life. Huawei had a square camera since 2018 and this and this

  • Anonymous

IAmLigma, 09 Oct 2019I bet it will be 1000$Pixel prices usually drop really fast in my experience, I paid $500 for a new Pixel 3XL in January

  • AnonD-241270

Pixel should do another design, since that almost copy/paste from iJunk is nowhere stellar, the only thing that caught the attention is the color and they can keep it, but please do other camera placement, elsewhere, even at the bottom of the phone but please forget that iJunky style.

If you wanna get more sales, just dont copy whatever already are in the market, i think thats the major issue with google, they dont know where to start and then use the same bases as iJunk...well, time to change that.

i am fkng sure, if the design follow some other route and not this, they probably sell more and more than 10 million, cause people who dont want a iJunk, surelly dont want a copy/paste of iJunk with only a different OS eighter.

Google, time to change, time to grow and find your own road.

It might have 5g but it will still only have come with 64gb or 128gb like all the other pixel phones

I bet it will be 1000$